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  1. Never in my puff thought id see Altis Go but here it is in a bit See ya when Arma 4 is released Hopefully
  2. Happy Birthday 

    1. Drew


      Cheers boss man

    2. Stephen Allen
  3. PC Specs CPU - Intel I5-9600K GPU - Gefoce GTX Titan 6GB (Good for 3D Modelling & Video editing and that stuff so does me :)) Ram - 16GB Corsair Vengeance Ram @ 3000 Mhz PSU - EVGA 750W Modular PSU
  4. Is the DayZ Server modded or unmodded?
  5. @Wilco I suppose if you ken wit your dain then its no really to bad but if yer like me and prefer the 3D Modeling/Texturing Side of things some things for setting servers up can be tempormental lol
  6. See it would be great to have a FiveM server but at the same time it would be a shit fest, because some things would work and some wouldnt like FiveM is tempormental, when i was helping my mate set up his FiveM server when i was adding the things he wanted like Scripts and Cars and all that good stuff depending on the model,script or that sometimes they will work or theyll just crash the server it was always a guessing game to see what works like if you look on FiveM forums youll see people saying that this car dont work on there server and then youll see that it works on other servers, but FiveM is pretty easy to dev for tbh, making mods for FiveM is pretty fun i enjoyed it
  7. back in the good old days where everything was absulate mayhem ahha
  8. Big man will be there to Frag some AI haha
  9. Streaming RPUK Milsim - 


  10. Atles Died me & Dean Moley Survived ahha
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