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  1. Please quote the Server Rule you broke and explain in your own words what such rule means, and why we have the rule in place on our server.
  2. Now that the 6 month period from your initial ban is up, we're more than happy to consider this appeal. Now lets start from the beginning; Your History with is isn't all that good now is it? You've been spoken to by our Staff Team about alot of stuff; Asking in OOC for people to log on as cop so you could rob a shop Talking out of roleplay Stream Sniping Breaking RP (again) Then the nail that was put into your coffin which was the fact that you were banned for Economy Protection in regard to you exploiting to duplicate a large amount of Shotgun Ammo & Musket Ammo. Now, my question to you is why on earth would we allow / want you back considering the length of your rap sheet and clear disregard and care for our server rules?
  3. For reviewing Staff; the actual Ban ID is: 5364 Right, so here is where I have the issue. You're not that new to our server, you've been around for a little bit so you would've had ample opportunity to read our server rules. Whether or not you did, what you decided to do was die ingame legitimately, log out immediately afterwards preventing any type of roleplay with the persons that killed you, by doing so abusing the fact you cannot bleed out and then log on multiple times the following day for short periods of time in order to see if you could get revived. HOWEVER, what's even more baffling is you then log in, find out you're under the floor and then have the audacity to contact staff, lie and try to get yourself revived. Unfortunately for you, this isn't the first rodeo for our Staff Team. Now, once you got pulled aside by our Staff and spoken to and informed that such rule breaks constitute a permanent ban and you'd have to appeal it on the forums your immediate reaction was "That's fine, I won't be coming back anyways..." What changed your mind? Why do you think we want you back? You've done nothing but have no regard for our rules and lie to us.
  4. The rule is pretty clear, don't you think? (G1.2) Random Death Match (RDM) - Attacking another player without engaging in any form of quality roleplay is considered RDM. (eg. Giving enough time for them to comply with your order. “Put your hands up or I will shoot” and countdowns are not considered quality roleplay, please at least attempt to create an interesting roleplay story before considering violence.) - Mass RDM is a permanent ban. I'm unsure how this could be miss interpreted. Given the fact that this is your third ban on our server now, surely you would've read and re-read the rules several times. Why should we give you yet another chance to play on our server?
  5. Talk to me. Do you have any other accounts that you've attempted to play on our servers with?
  6. Why when you were contacted after you had combat logged did you decide to lie and state that your 'head popped' and then further cement that lie when spoken to in teamspeak by members of our staff team up until you were requested to share your logs? Is lying normal to you? How can we trust you when you've clearly had no regard for our rules but furthermore you're willing to lie to members of our staff team?
  7. We need as much detail as you can possibly give us of the events leading up to your ban.
  8. Driving down Grove Street on a bike.... Does this jog your memory?
  9. Hello mate, After reviewing the footage, both ingame footage of the situation and the teamspeak conversation afterward it's evident that in my opinion it wasn't your intention to exploit through that window. HOWEVER, the frustration you showed and the way you handled yourself in teamspeak after a member of our Staff team tried to explain to you the Unban Appeal process wasn't the best. You must understand, exploiting is exploiting, even if accidental. it's up to the Staff members discretion whether or not they issue a ban for it and in this circumstance a ban was deemed necessary by the relevant staff members. Few questions for you if you could answer them please) a) In future, if met with a similar situation ingame what would you do differently? b) If pulled into a teamspeak room with a member of our Staff Team how will you handle this differently to not come across how you did? c) Please quote the server rule you think you broke and explain to me in your own words why such rule is important to have.
  10. Whether it was yesterday, a week ago, a month ago or a year ago... The trust we once had in you as a player to follow our server rules is gone and to rebuild that is going to be very very difficult or even impossible. Not only did you exploit, but you decided to try and lie about it in your unban appeal. We might've been born in the morning, but that wasn't this morning. We've been doing this for a very long time and know exactly what we are doing. If in a similar situation in future what would you do differently? What reassurances can you give us that you will never do what you did again as if I am honest with you, we put alot of trust in our players to not cheat or abuse the system but you did just that.
  11. When the ticket closed, you should've received a personal message from a BOT giving you a transcript to that direct message. Within that should be the name of the ticket which will include a number. Please find and provide that. Without that, and with the information you're able to provide me and what I know not matching up there's not much more we can do here.
  12. Right, ok... To continue forward with this I am going to need you to open a FiveM Support Ticket on our Discord Server. Within this ticket you are to link this unban appeal and then arrange a time for someone to join our Teamspeak Server with you AND your brother in order to prove that this is in fact the case. Whilst doing this, can you also please provide the following information from your brother; Character Name: SteamID: Thankyou.
  13. According to what I am looking at, you're not banned. Could you please open a FiveM Support Ticket on our discord, link them this unban appeal and they will know what to do from there.
  14. I know I was born in the morning, but that wasn't this morning. I don't believe you 'accidently' put 16 instead of 17 and even more so, you now being "18" isn't verifiable. Your ban will remain in place and you are unable to appeal it until at least 2 years from the point of your ban. Denied.
  15. Please attempt to join our server, and screenshot the rejection message you get and post it here for me.
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