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  1. Dear @mrsnaps, The Police Complaints Commission have received your complaint against Chief Inspector Alex Jackson, collar number PY207; Chief Inspector Geoff, collar number PY999; & Police Constable SadShrub, collar number PY614; and we will aim to deal with this complaint within the next 48 hours. Thank-you for your patience. Kind regards, Deputy Chief Constable Fluqi
  2. My perspective... FeelsBadMan
  3. wassup redlinegamer2

  4. As stated by others and I know you're aware of it; Sniping is a massive part of RPUK! So many people love sniping, myself and @Houston included. The "zone" should not be that far south but far north, east and west. Now, I've just read properly that gang "bases" aka purchasable shacks need admin approval to be raided? That to me is silly. You have literally given gangs their own type of bluezone. Gang "bases" which aren't really bases, just purchasable shacks, aren't mean't to be safe. If you store anything there or purchase buildings near popular areas that's your own fault. As it is stated in the compensation request rules and I quote: "Housing Storage Boxes ( Completely at your own risk - Most peoples are 'trouble free') Anything stored in storage ( Again at your own risk ) " If you're going to require admin approval to raid a gang building, you might as well put the bluezone on the map around each gangs base. I hope this gets changed with the feedback provided by alot of community members. :)
  5. I figured this would probably be the best place to post feedback on these new rules you've implemented @Vladic Ka :) I'm curious as to why the restriction on the radius of a HM Firefight has been implemented.. The issue appeared to be the logging in and not the radius. My opinion would be to completely remove the "radius" a firefight can happen. Obviously, it's common sense that it can't go 5 km away but I can speak for many, Police, UNMC, Civilians when I say that if there are people competent enough to, sniping is something that gets done at a range of like 1.2 or what ever. I know you're a fond sniper as well Vlad. I'm sure you understand. Now, I completely agree in the rule that states; "Once the blasting charge has been placed, Police Officers who are not present on the server (in the game at the time) cannot participate in the HM Treasury until the second phase (Transportation Phase)" In regards to a "zone" and people inside cannot be shot at because of people on the outside situation will only cause alot of shit. I'm confident when I say that the current and previous redzones cause so many problems in regards to "You're 5m outside of the redzone and you shot me, but you still have a gun. I'm reporting you" TL:DR - Remove the radius rule, although common sense would and always has applied. Keep the rule, but potentially reword it to as I stated above. I highly doubt any of my suggestions or what ever will be actioned but I thought I would give my feedback to the stated rules.
  6. This 😏 doesn't really have the same affect as this: p8tj2.jpg

  7. Dear @Boston Broiler, Upon investigating the complaint you submitted to The Police Complaint Commission, we have come to the following conclusion; It is evident that many Standard Operating Procedures were not followed in this situation but as you quite rightly stated, it is of no fault to the Community Support Officer. He is, as of 22/05/2017, two days into his Police Contract and the very very early days of his Training. I would also like to mention that Police Constable Dozed, collar number KV716 had no interaction in the situation what so ever. I guess he was at that point more concerned about the illegal assault rifles present in his immediate area. You are correct in the statement that you made regarding the Mi-290 Taru (Bench) being a scrap on sight vehicle. This is ofcourse not including the apparent illegal Class A Drugs stuffed down the back seats. I think we can agree on the fact that this situation was very poorly executed from both perspectives. Police should have taken the time, investigated the illegal vehicle and then dealt with it appropriately. However, this is kind of difficult to do when you have landed the Taru Bench on Kavala Bridge, everyone in the area either have an illegal weapon or were being very loud and disobedient. After taking the time to review the Complaint and all other evidence / statements the Police Complaint Commission has come to the following conclusion; Community Support Officer Spanners will have no action taken on himself however will be spoken to in regards to the manner in which he conducted the impounding of the vehicle and the terminology used to describe the subject that landed the Taru Bench on the bridge. Police Constable Dozed, collar number; KV716 will have no action taken on himself however will be spoken to in regards to the situation and way he reacted. Sergeant Shark, collar number; KV695 will be issued a verbal warning for not taking the leadership role a Sergeant should take in a stressful situation. He will also be issued a compulsory course which will detail what you should and shouldn't do in situations. The aim of this will be to make sure that if something like this was to happen again, it won't end up like it did this time. Kind regards, Superintendent Fluqi PCC Closed //Unfortunately, you only know that Silker was the owner of this Taru via means of side-chat. This information, which you have admitted to me directly was not obtained via means of roleplay thus no action will be taken.
  8. Dear @Boston Broiler, The Police Complaints Commission have received your complaint against Sergeant Shark, collar number KV695; Police Constable Dozed, collar number KV716 & Community Support Officer Spanners; and we will aim to deal with this complaint within the next 48 hours. Thank-you for your patience. Kind regards, Superintendent Fluqi
  9. This is going nowhere at all. All we have is children going back and forth arguing who has the bigger fucking ego. Police Command will take your suggestion into consideration however, please bare in mind.... Cops having to stay away 2 clicks will never happen. That's ridicules. Lock pls
  10. Fucking Brilliant!
  11. Dear @Matt Colburn, I'd first and foremost like to apologise for the time that it has taken for us to respond to you in regards to the Complaint you submitted against Community Support Officer Buidurd. I would like to first start off with addressing a few of your points; I am unsure on where you obtained such information but this is indeed incorrect. We are fortunate enough to employ such highly trained and dedicated Academy Training Officers who are fantastic at teaching the new officers what to do in such stressful situations. The standard practice if a CSO's life was in danger would be ofcourse to try and get to cover, call in more backup and hide. However, if this situation doesn't present itself like most don't out there on the island, our trainees (more specifically CSO's) are more than encouraged to arm themselves with what ever they can to defend themselves. Now, I can agree with you that falling back would be the safer choice however, not all situations are as clear cut. After speaking with CSO Buidurd and other officers involved in the situation that were aware of what happened, officers on scene managed to detain x1 Subjects who was believed to be involved in the HM Treasury Bank Robbery. After making sure their immediate area was secure, CSO Buidurd informed me that he and his officers bean taking shots which resulted in an officer going down so with the permission of the detained subject he removed x1 Assault Rifle 6.5 Caliber & x1 Carrier Rig that had actually been from a police officer earlier that day. At this point in time Buidurd done all he could to stay alive. To Conclude; In the eyes of the Police Complaint Commission and without actual evidence to contest the information provided to me by CSO Buidurd and other officers on scene, CSO Buidurd is found to have utilized equipment provided to him by the detained Subject to defend himself as best as possible until either backup arrived or he was able to vacate the area in a safe manner. I'd like to thank you for taking your time to inform us of a potential breach in our Standard Operating Procedures. It is civilians like yourself that make sure the Altis Police Service is held accountable for any and all actions that are taken. Kind regards, Superintendent Fluqi PCC Closed!
  12. CSO Fluqi has returned lads :) 

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  13. Why is my mic ingame so awful? Ewww... I've gotta fix that... Was a very good RP situation mate. Thoroughly enjoyed it!