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  1. Please quote the server rule you've broke and explain it your own words why said rule is in place on our server. @harveyM
  2. Welcome Back! Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here. Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away. Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord! Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group Discord: RPUK Discord
  3. Thank you for that. Now I am sure you know how it looks. Whether or not you were there as a result of stream sniping is something only you know. What I am going to do is issue an unban however I want you to be abundantly clear on the fact that if this "coincidence" was to ever happen again then your next attempt at getting unbanned will be far more difficult than this one. Don't ruin everything you've put together on the server for something so daft. @Matthew Labile Unbanned. Now that you're apart of our
  4. Locking a vehicle whilst in a downed state. Explain to me why you shouldn't have done this and the reasons for which that you think this is frowned upon within our server? @harveyM
  5. The SteamID you provided is incorrect, please provide the correct Steam ID for this unban appeal process to continue. @1 2 3
  6. You logged onto our server at 00:14:13 & at 00:26:11 you were banned. "All you can remember is X and Y" isn't exactly believable. This wasn't last year, last month this was yesterday. It's evident to me that you've never read our server rules, had no care in the world about anyone else's part in what you were creating you just thought it was funny to do what you did. Unless you're willing to be completely honest and truthful there's a 0% chance of you ever returning to our servers. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for any form of discrimination. Denied.
  7. What's bad is you're actually using this method as an exploit to get out of a few seconds but what's worse is that you're actually telling people how to do it and encouraging people to do it. How can we now trust you to be on our server? If there was a situation that would occur where there's a massive exploit, how can we now trust you would come forward with that to get it fixed as opposed to taking advantage of it yourself? @JDM-4
  8. Please quote me the server rule(s) you think you broke and explain to me in your own words why such rules are in place on our server and the benefits of them. @Chicho
  9. Before we even begin I need you to private message me every single thing you know about this ESP you were using. Including where you found it, how you use it... everything. After that is sent and I'm satisfied I'll consider proceeding with this unban appeal. @Itzjustin
  10. Whilst I do some digging to figure out what your ban is in relation to, please do me a favour and quote the server rule you broke and explain why such a rule is in place on our servers. @abigfatpudding
  11. What staff member did you speak to on teamspeak regarding this? @Matthew Labile
  12. To prove you've read our server rules, please quote the rule(s) you believe you broke. (There is more than one rule you have broke) @JXR
  13. What do you mean you "mess around" - Please elaborate.
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