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  1. Will not be commenting further as this is going back and forth.
  2. We were not responding to a panic button, we were checking Paleto Hospital for Tommy Anderson who was taken there by an Azteca. The officer you kidnapped (Ryan) pressed his panic alarm an hour before and we were since told it was resolved. We did not initiate as this is not ARMA. We did not attempt to Roleplay with anyone inside as we thought it was empty of any hostile threats due to no-one standing over Tommy Anderson at the front desk. Are you quoting police training on an Out of Character Player Report? As I said above, we believed no-one was inside. Just because we didn't scream Armed police, entering the building patter. Doesn't mean you can straight up open fire on anyone and everyone because in your 'Roleplay story' you tend to shoot anyone with 0 RP. We had no idea that there was a massive hostage taking and robbery inside, you could've easily had your boys speak to us regarding hostages inside. Or you could've been shouting to us whilst we were wandering around trying to find where the beds were but you didn't, you decided to open fire to kill everyone and anyone who walked through those doors with a firearm as it is clear that you didn't want to RP. Not once did we fire in my clip until we were fired upon. Jay was fired upon first with 0 words. Ryan Griffins also told me that you ran in screaming 'Hands up, Hands up' then you shot him, placed him in the bed and as soon as he was awake from the bed that you robbed him? Hands up, Hands up? Not really a strong point of high quality RP on a Serious RP Server. Kinda reminds me of 'Hands up or die' from ARMA. Nope, I know from OOC that your gang has robbed plenty of cops and provided good RP, Billy Stevens comes to mind. Anytime he has robbed a cop recently, it was been Roleplayed at the highest standard.
  3. Its the right attitude for it. Every single time that I've been in a liaison with any sort of gang. It ends up "I'm sorry, this won't happen again" then a day or so later its the exact same scenario or something even worse, nothing will get better on the server if people keep pretending it will get better after a short Liaison. This whole situation there was multiple rule breaks from a gang who is supposed to hold high quality roleplay.
  4. I don't see it being resolved in Teamspeak, never does.
  5. More Poor RP from Hustlers at the same situation just around 5-10 minutes prior. This hustler is running towards a Trojan officer with knuckledusters, hitting him when he has an MP5 aimed at him ready to shoot, NVL of life here. I'm certain a Triad got banned for the same reason. (G2.4) Value of Life - At all times you are to value your life, if you are clearly outnumbered or at an obvious disadvantage you should comply with demands. You're a gang on the server, that has a lot of privileges such as unique clothing that you have been waiting a long time for, your own turf, vehicle garage and your own bar when the gangs RP standard is as bad as this.
  6. You had radio intel? The hustlers that Bobby Deltas Police Character (Ryan Griffins) was processing, stated that the hustlers inside had no radio nor phone to communicate to hustlers of their whereabouts but you all just turned up 15 man deep with your spidey senses. Your roleplay story is to shoot everyone who sees you with a firearm with 0 words spoken? Its not just my RP with other gangs, its all these gangs. I've had enough of it and I barely report anyone but this shit RP has got to stop, this is supposed to be a serious RP server but you've got loonytunes rolling around acting like a militia in Kabul with Compact Aks kidnapping, shooting and robbing police at every chance they got. There is no other RP from these gangs, they don't do anything else but rob and shoot police. I'm waiting on another clip from another officers POV to be rendered and that will be posted alongside this report.
  7. Report a player Your In-game Name: Liam Johnson Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: Hustler Gang Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 10/21/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 2300 What best describes this incident ?: Poor RP? RDM? Please (in detail) describe the incident: Myself and Jay Martinez responded to a panic alarm at Sandyshores, when we got there. The officer who panic'd wasn't there. Myself and Jay decided to check Paleto. Upon arrival, we seen multiple blacked out cars which we assumed was the Hustler gang and pressed our panic in case we weren't able to after we got into the hospital. I ran in looking for Tommy once he checked in, ran into the room with the beds and was instantly fired upon without any form of RP. I am sick of death of this poor RP and RDMey ways that has been happening on the server lately not just with Hustlers but with other gangs. This video attached just screams, 'Trojan Vending machine farm with little to 0 RP' Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://medal.tv/clips/68793687/d1337Hle5c5H?invite=cr-MSxLUnAsMjk1MDEwMjYs This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  8. Hello, For the staff members sake of trying to figure out who this was, it was myself who downed both players in the custody cells as critical shot was authorised by STFC. The second CTSFO in this clip is irrelevant as he did not shoot. I will state this rules though, - (G7.1) Hostages -Taking hostages must be roleplayed to a very high quality. Aim to make the scenario enjoyable for everyone. I don't believe these hostages were taken with very high quality roleplay due to a single man kidnapping a police officer to break into a fully functioning police station, doesn't make sense in RP. Wouldn't happen in real life. I wouldn't even class this as poor RP either due to the fact that this is exactly what would happen in real life, you have broke into a fully functioning police station to rob and kidnap police to break your friend out of a cell when there is around 3 CTFSOs, 6 Trojan officers and a bunch of CID, Frontline and RPU at the other side of the door. There was no way that we could get close to yourself due to that part of the police station being a whisper zone but I wouldn't be valuing my own life if I decided to get close to both hostage takers to speak since you were both aiming firearms at the hostages and all officers who weren't a hostage. If you'd like to go down the route of 'NVL of Police Hostage', both hostages made it out safely with 0 shots fired from yourself. I'd say in this fact, Police did in fact value the police officers life to stop you from taking them with you out of the police station like you and your friend said a few times that you were going to take them with you. NVL of Police Hostages is not a server rule. Won't be commenting further.
  9. This situation was one of the funniest ones I've had on FiveM in a long time, I'm glad the Triads had a laugh and didn't wage war because of my character. Remember, even tho it is spelled Jason, it is still pronounced Yason
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