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  3. Every single situation I have been in, big bank, life invader, even the small fleeca banks back in the day. Its the same old "We HaVE a HOsTagE, We wAnT No NpAs, nO SpIKeTriPs, NoOnE ChASe Us" To add to that, the amount of times we've allowed the boring criminals with the same hostage script flee with a car chase is more than us breaching. I am a firearms officer, to see firearms as a whole are forcing gunfights and hoping for a gunfight is downright wrong. Everyone knows me for trying to remove pistols from CID, Response and RPU but won't happen due to criminals running around like a militia. I prefer realism over arcade games and shooting every single crim feels like Call of Duty which isn't something I am here for. A lot of the people who play FiveM nowadays, never seen the old days of the HM Treasury robbery on ArmA, a lot of people introduced a lot of good roleplay...yes some gangs had a hostage and wanted this and that but others much like Triads did when they were first created as creating extensive and formal documents, played dress up and did a roleplay Humane Labs and it was great fun, they got away with it most of the time. Please just don't come onto these forums complaining about police not valuing hostages or breaching constantly and that you think it's poor roleplay, look at yourself in the mirror and see what you're roleplay is for others from an outside perspective and try to be better and I'm sure you'll get a lot of police playing ball with you. Won't reply further, don't quote me xx
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    Neighbourhood Policing at its best We enjoyed sitting on a gang turf, fucking around and roleplaying without it leading into a massive gunfight over fragile egos or being robbed for all my things. It was great fun and the roleplay was there @Mike Wolfie@DimaaaaAzzam @Dean Williams@wilsy007@KCAJ I don't know the rest of the 229s tags
  5. Hello, The FiveM server is for PC, it will not work on PS4 unfortunately.
  6. Open a ticket on Discord and this can be resolved for you
  7. Please read the unban appeal rules. Locked for 1 day for bumping.
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  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUGwwaWJB-Q&ab_channel=Liam
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