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  1. Sir Liam


    Ah my bad. Editing my post
  2. Sir Liam


    Yes, you were shot by a musket @Louis Richardsonthen Lewis was also one shotted by it.
  3. Report a player Your In-game Name: Bernie Johnson Name of the player(s) you are reporting: ID: 60 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 23/12/20 Time of the incident (GMT): 1740 What best describes this incident ?: Combat Log Please (in detail) describe the incident: I have an additional video of him combat logging when trying to grab his ID but spoke to him on Discord about it, so didn't take it further. The situation was is that I was suspicious regarding his attire and thought it might've been police, whi
  4. See, I have dyscalcula so that method is hard for me. I just take out a sum of 20k then if it says i have no money left, I go and take some more.
  5. Yeah, I get you. I don't mind it, quite annoying when it says you don't have enough money but it then takes away some criminal stuff to do
  6. Just curious, couldn't you add a confirmation to buy stuff from there or because its a GTA thing, you cant add an extra overlay?
  7. Happy birthday 🙂

    1. Cristi


      Thank you! 🎉

  8. I don't think Ive ever given a large sentence unless its a complete troll whos calling me derogatory terms or has killed and robbed multiple cops
  9. Quick question, where did you see him steal the vehicle? So you were able to pick out from speed of around 100Mph that a guy in a locals car was your gang mate without prior contact? So he didn't tell you on the radio or anything? You just happened to peer into the windshield when he was flying past with the lights on his vehicle - Which create a type of blur to see who's actually driving? You didn't find a chance to follow? however, you've stated numerous times throughout this report that you were following me all along? Also, we were outside the construction sit
  10. Longer video from before I joined the pursuit originally, from 0:27 you can see we pass a black Agera at red lights but there is no way that you would be able to tell that it is your gang member from the speed we are doing. Not sure about this one as wasn't the cop who pursued originally and it was stated that one guy ran over to a locals car and stole it in front of the cops. No panic alarms or radio chatter about a cop being shot down minutes ago, if you're referring to what I was saying about him looking identical to the group who shot and killed a cop at Cocai
  11. This is going round in circles, Yes I stated "You" but it must be in Scottish Vocabulary, that we say things that don't make sense to others or have a totally different meaning to others. I know it wasn't you due to the fact, I could only see IDs and not your names. I knew however, it was your group due to the Agera and the matching outfits but I didn't know it was you specifically. I have already stated that I don't care whether you get a warning, temp ban or perm ban. Whatever you have done to me in the past as been in-game and it is NOT you, I don't know you, Never heard of you before,
  12. Replying since it feels and looks like you're trying to turn it around on me or trying to poke holes into this report. 1. But you decided to then metagame further in a private DM with me? 2. I never said that you shot the other police officer . I stated "Your friends". 3. I wasn't checking behind me, I checked behind me looking at the vehicle but at the last time that I looked behind that was a genuine look back as I thought I seen something but did not. 4. I was looking back at the vehicle multiple times during the longer clip. Nothing can be seen from behi
  13. I have already stated that this was an incident that happened yesterday in my report. Also, You posted something in Discord and was met with myself and Simen. Screenshot provided- Unfortunately you deleted whatever you said above Simen and I can't remember for the life of me what it was that you said. Then after my reply on this picture, thats when you private messaged me. Regarding the white car, I never saw it. Its not in my video. I don't even know if Nigel has a recording considering he was only there at the arrest and when you shot at him later on at PD. I could ask him
  14. Yes, I have looked at the longer video and do now notice there is your Black Agera at red lights facing towards Pillbox hill. I didn't post the longer video as when you came in as you were being reported for Metagaming, anything else that happened after the second video was no longer metagaming and more RP. As in your friends shooting at the other officer then turning your back to me, so I shot back and lost but that is not what this report is about, so please stick to what the report is regarding. The other officer in Insignia came from where we arrested the guy, he stated that a white c
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