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  1. Pretty sure I just saw you RIP on csgoroll lol

    1. Luke Willows

      Luke Willows

      Possibly... You didn't see shit though xD

  2. Quite excited also, I can't see them removing the headphone jack.... But then again it'll make them more money.
  3. You don't get police tags until you reach the rank of PC, As for medic you should have it, @CMO Joel Denning @CMO Stravides @CMO Masis Should be able to sort this out.
  4. Song Profile Great 

    10/10 would be told to rate again

  5. I'm out, My wotsits and money are too precious...
  6. Community Name: Luke Willows Team Name: Pickering United Link to stats page: http://stats.altislife.co.uk/getplayer.php?playerid=76561198124319929
  7. Might be worth trying the ts, ts.altislife.co.uk - For some reason I couldn't connect using roleplay but altis worked....
  8. Okay, I am James Wilson. Firstly this is the first report that has ever been posted against me everytime I have had a problem with someone I have always asked them to hop onto teamspeak and resolve these sorts of issues. I do honestly believe that this could have been resolved on teamspeak and If you was still not satisfied you could still pop the report on the forums. I openly admit that this wasn't the best of RP and I was quite disappointed the way this panned out. I RP'ed with you up in the tower and even sold you a suppressor for 20k cheaper. To then be initiated on as soon as we leave you decide to rob us. I honestly thought that valuing my life was only a cop rule, please correct me if I'm incorrect. To be perfectly honest today hasn't been the best day for me and to be instantly robbed from gearing up is ridiculously frustrating none the less. If you've got anymore questions please don't hesitate to contact me. - Luke Willows
  9. 50k Increase each time. Thank you for not trolling xD
  10. I did mean 10pm today! Completely forgot I posted it. @Chris Wolf Has pulled out so the top bidder is @Cam Taylor Please only bid if you're actually interested.
  11. @CST James Smit @PAR Flanders RIC
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