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  1. For me seen you been gunned down by 2 guys shot multiple time and when I arive to help you btw I am with nhs "oh I fell" righhhht you do realise we can see bullet holes
  2. Sea of thieves ?

    1. Hiitsfreddie


      If u still up for it yes

  3. Sea of thieves any one ?

    1. Khandamir


      Installing now, will be down for playing in 20 minutes =D I'll be a massive noob tho ^^

    2. PeachMaster




      Every island will feel the wrath of the Peach Pirate king and his lackey's! 

  4. So who is playing Sea of thieves add me my gt is Dangermuffu and if u want others to add you leave comments below with your Gamertags
  5. sea of thieves ? anyone :D we need a group for it bored to post it here all the time :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hiitsfreddie


      Ffs why u making me feel like a knob? Anyway I can play on Sunday if u up for it. 

    3. Daniel Emprexs
    4. Hiitsfreddie


      Alright hmu when u see me on ts 

  6. sea of thieves ? pop a message :D

  7. Any one wants to play sea of thieves :D ?

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    2. Daniel Emprexs

      Daniel Emprexs

      i am alone atm


      DJ i am in the potato squad liaison room

      on ts

    3. 'Sydney


      if you're still playing, i'll join (:

    4. 3FingerGaming


      yeah join TPS lobby

  8. any one up for sea of thieves ?


  9. Who wants to play sea of theves at 11:30 pm uk time drop me a message ^_^

  10. Who wants to play Sea of thieves in 3 hours and 29 minutes :D ?

  11. no thank you ill beater play dayz mod than standalone :)

    it is lit :D love it cant wait for Season 4

  13. Got Sea of thieves and downloading cant wait to have some fun :D

    1. MoonWolf


      Gotta wait 3 days till its released ;)

    2. Daniel Emprexs

      Daniel Emprexs

      i know it will be fun :D

  14. 1 full server 2 server off cool :) 

    1. NotMattch


      Instead of posting cryptic status updates, you could be potentially useful and ask us if we can put it up like the majority of the player base does.   But I guess that requires more effort, eh?

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