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  1. Okay, so I will start by explaining what happened back in November 2016. Back in November I got banned, then in December the staff team applications were announced. I was not allowed to apply to the staff team because I had to go 3 months without a ban. I was banned for an RDM report that was a 2-minute long video which only showed half of the evidence of aN supposing RDM. The person who uploaded the video cut out the initiation. I was issued the ban after 1 hour of the report being up so I had no chance to defend myself with evidence from my side. The evidence was proven on my dispute where I show a full video of me initiating on the guy before he cut it out. I was really sad that I couldn't apply to the staff team because of this and after talking to who talked to the support leads we got the ban removed. As you said several months later I was in the UNMC as a Lieutenant before I left for another community and I was told if I ever wanted to come back I could. I did come back 2 times and they gave me the rank of Cpl but I just didn't enjoy the UNMC anymore and both times I was removed for inactivity because I found no enjoyment in playing. All I am trying to say is that this is my first mess up and I know it is a big one. Even though it hasn't been long my big ego has gone. I know it's hard to believe but even in a short amount of times if you do the right things you can totally change your life the other way around. One of the big reasons I adapted this massive ego was me sitting in my room throughout the whole summer holidays playing on a community which everyone thought they were the best and of course being around the influence of these people I suddenly started to believe I was the best too. That being said I have been away from that community for 2 months now and I have been playing with IRL friends that actually play games for the enjoyment instead of being the best. I have been away from shooter games and instead have been playing games such as War Thunder, Rocket League and GTA V which has had a massive effect on my ego because I now play games for fun. I have found that there is fun in other things such as messing around on GTA V instead of just shooting people, honestly thinking about it now I don't even see the enjoyment in just fragging people. I don't play my computer as often anymore, I still play it but not as much as I use to do. I am starting to get more into casual gaming instead of taking everything competitively and that is one of the reasons why I am getting a console soon to just play casually with a couple of IRL friends. Being around people IRL has just helped me so much. I spend 4-5 times a week doing a hobby that I enjoy which has got me out the house more and away from the computer which has also had a massive impact on my ego. It's very hard to explain why my ego has gone it really is and I have tried my hardest to explain what it is. There is just something about me that just honestly feels better and I feel like a completely new person. it is something that just happened and one day I just felt like a better person overall. The reason I joined this community back in 2015 was not to frag but to roleplay. I saw a lot of videos on the internet which made Altis life look so fun and I wanted to come on and be the role as a police officer. I joined this community and joined the police and I had a blast roleplaying and I even posted things on twitter in roleplay to do with the server. I don't know what happened to make me change but I hope to come back and if I am allowed I am going to try and get into the police again and I am going to try and bring some enjoyable roleplay for everyone on the community The last thing I want to say is that I wouldn't go through all the trouble of making this dispute if I actually didn't want to make a change. I am not coming back here to frag and if I wanted to do that there are things such as tdm and king of the hill but I don't want to do that I want to come back for the roleplay. I miss the roleplay and sharing fun experiences with people. I have made mistakes in the past that I will happily take the blame for, but I hope you can see past these and give me one more chance which I promise that you will not regret. I promise that I will stick to every single rule and I am confident that you will recieve not complaints or reports but instead you will here good words about me.
  2. The last 2 months I haven't been playing any community and instead have been spending time with family, friends and focussing on college work. I have found a new hobby which I have been doing for the last 2 months which I believe have had a big impact on making me a better person. This being said even though it hasn't been a long time it has been a long time break from any sort of community on the internet. I have spent 2 months interacting with people IRL instead of sitting in my room on the internet talking shit which has got rid of any of the toxicity that I had before. There is not really any way I can ensure that my ego has changed unless you give the chance to prove that it is gone. All I can say is that I have had a break and I believe that I have changed so I hope you can give me the opportunity to prove this. I will not be playing this community for fragging because I am far past that, I want to come back to have some fun and share some amazing roleplay experiences with other players.
  3. In-game Name Houston Steam ID 76561198140815205 The date of your ban. 14/10/17 Member of the team that banned you. Aiden Reason given for your ban. Baiting / Poor Roleplay The Server you initially were banned on. Server 1 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. The reason I was banned was for fail/roleplay. I made a half-ass attempt at roleplaying with 3 UNMC members that were trying to remove my weapon off of me and baited them into a position at which I could spin around and kill 2 of them and for my friend to kill the other. I did not interact with the UNMC for the purpose of roleplay but instead to start a gunfight. Why should we unban you ? I believe you should give me the chance to redeem myself because I was once a really dedicated towards this community which I hope I have the chance to become again. I agree and I admit I became toxic and too full of myself with my massive ego. I use to attempt to roleplay everything and was known for the quality roleplay I brought to the server and I changed the perspective of the UNMC to many people by showing that we were not all just about gunfights. I joined another community solely for frags which was full of toxicity that made me into a person that I am still not proud of to this day. I carried on to play RPUK while playing on this other community and I admit I only played RPUK to get more frags which made me disregard all the rules and eventually led to me being banned. Now that being said I believe I have changed my previous ways by having a break from Arma and focussing more on real life stuff such as college. I have lost the massive ego that I had when I last played and after socializing with my friends more I have lost the toxicity that I had last time I played. I know for certain that this time when I come back I will put dedication into following the rules and my roleplay on the server because I actually care this time and I want to follow them. I have no excuse for the rule I broke because I knew I was breaking it when I was doing what I was doing. I am just trying to ensure you that I have changed and I will do anything to get another chance to play on this community. The rule I broke: (3.7) Baiting - Baiting for the sake of a gunfight is not roleplay. Punishment is a ban. Examples: Flying over someone with a chopper waiting for warning shots to instantly shoot them back, robbing a service station with the intent of a gunfight, etc. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes
  4. Called someone a whiny hobo and get called to a Liaison lmao.

    1. Houston


      @Reece Smurf I really can't comprehend what happened 😂

    2. W A D E

      W A D E

      does that even suprise you anymore?

  5. What have gangs turned into 😂

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      @Ponty Do want to be reported? Cause that's how you get reported....

    3. Ponty


      @VikRambo I've been reported for sillier, pettier things :^ )

    4. VikRambo
  6. Every gunfight I have I always get pulled in a liaison room. Starting to think I spend more time in there than playing the game. Waaa, why did you shoot me? How did you know I was involved? I am driving around being a obvious scout how did you know I was involved? People need to grow up and face it when they get killed, it's a game you can't always win.

    1. jaxteller


      True, 15mins playing the game, 45 mins in a lobby

    2. FrostBite14


      Couldn't  of said it better 👍

    3. Scott S

      Scott S

      Perfect 👌 


    1. Stoter


      ez. Sucks to suck. Mad cuz bad xD

  8. Also, Congratulations!!!!
  9. We always give permission to attack our base you don't need staff to overview it all the time if you get Generals permission. Also, I wouldn't care if our base had no permission, to be honest, everyone is too scared to attack it anyway. The police are the only one's that have the balls to attack it.
  10. That's the risk of buying a gang base. Do you realise how easy it is to make money. Just look on the money leaderboards for example.
  11. I snipe from over 1.4km away most of the time. A radius of 1km is restricting me on what I can do. Maybe bump up the radius to 2km or just remove it as the radius was not a problem at all. I do not agree that we should have permission to attack gang houses and bases. There are only 2 average sized gangs such as Ascension and TCK. If rebels are constantly moaning about their bases being attacked it's common sense move your fucking base. There are plenty of gang houses and gang bases that haven't been brought so if one of their bases gets found they can always just move. Realistically, a rebel gang wont have their base on a side of a main road then complain because they get raided a lot, come on it's common sense. Permission will never be granted to attack these bases especially for the UNMC because the UNMC wont have a valid enough reason because these gangs are too scared to mess with us. To be honest I don't think permission is needed to attack a rebel gangs base. This rule will just put everyone off of raiding gang bases now meaning that gangs will now be able to store a shit ton of gear inside their base without worrying that they will be attacked because after all permission is needed. I also saw that Alex Jackson suggested that the requirements before doing a HM should be highered and I totally agree. It's kind of unfair if one of those server 2 gangs goes and does a HM when there is only 10 cops on because they have more than 10 in their gang. It's shit on the cops because they have shit weapons compared to rebels and they will be out numbered. If you are not going to allow hop on squads at least bump up the limit to 20 cops before a HM can start otherwise rebel gangs will get it easy.
  12. Well, It must have been a bug then because remember how I approached you after and you kept repeating that you couldn't hear me. You can see me clearly speaking and it says I am speaking above my head but in this video, you can't hear my voice at all.
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