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  1. Shout out 2dogggss laaaaaa

  2. I only followed because of the profile song.

    1. PapaSmurphy


      wicked wicked!

  3. Woah woah you're a badmin now... things must be really bad if they're making gods out of orange caps 😉

    1. WhoisDan


      Oh jesus, I've just realized you're not even one of the new ones, you've been one since January. How long was I gone?!

    2. PapaSmurphy


      @WhoisDanI have no idea how this worked, must be a mistake. You have been gone sometime!

  4. @Hasan Carsteinnnload the rooks lad ocg master plan is go smurfs infiltrated the staff team time for him to unban the boys!

    1. Hasan Carsteinnn

      Hasan Carsteinnn

      The plan has been in the works for 3 years, but its finally time.

      @CiskaLV @H4WKACTUAL @Mog @Zacmo

      Get on


    2. MrLongSlong


      Ur forgetting we will need some funds remember to get money man milo 

    3. Hasan Carsteinnn

      Hasan Carsteinnn

      fair, i still have the feeling we are forgetting someone.


  5. All that hard work in the Orange Cap Gang payed off, ehy? xD

  6. Well done dude:)


    1. PapaSmurphy


      Cheers Steve!

  7. My man Smurphy, been a long time since I met you bro and had a few mad times congrats on your staff man 🤙

    1. PapaSmurphy


      Cheers, appreciate it!

  8. Good Afternoon Jay Mac, It is a shame to bring this to the forum as we are both long standing members of the community and it would have been nice to solve this on TS. However I fully understand your reasoning behind this report, sometimes we get caught up in the moment and do silly things, I will apologies if this has ruined your roleplay and not made you want to play, I do not hold grudges and fully understand your reasoning. This situation was bigger than just the clip shown and we had a full incident prior to your arrival. I will leave this in the hands of the admin team and allow them to do as they see fit. Many thanks.
  9. @MrLongSlongAs for your vouch at this moment in time it can't be taken into consideration, your posts are now deemed pointless, banned members do not have a say here. Another OCG warning point will be issued, @H4WKACTUALplease can you keep track another one and he is gone. As for you @Sgt Steve, @H4WKACTUALhas set out CLEAR GUIDELINES, a ROOK! montage not some shitty .45 frag, you have failed at the first hurdle. We already have an old person as per the roster as such your application is denied. @MaximDenied! @The Bearish Crusader, do you have any dimensions for this rather large head, I will have a meeting with another true leader,@Hasan Carsteinnnafter measuring up the truck box and get back to you. Many thanks, Smurphy.
  10. @Hasan CarsteinnnI believe you have the matter in hand. @MrLongSlongwill also be awarded with one OCG warning point for stepping out of line, p.s the kids party was great, I love cold pizza and crisps. @Dcay KevinYou are not worthy of the rook bang title. As for your application I do rate some of your answers, your political view on the Netherlands is spot on, Hasan's cat (Chucky) can die, but what ruined it for you was your final answer and that my friend is why this has to be denied. Many thanks, The True Leader of Orange Cap Gang, Big Smurphy.
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