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  1. Banned for having a name that sounds like a cream for genital warts.
  2. Banned for being called “Jordan” and not having massive tits. I can’t believe this is still going.
  3. Xx

    1. sciencefreak74


      Two names I haven't heard in while

    2. Norman


      Wow, you two are still alive!

    3. Gray


      Jeez throwback

  4. Just had a cracking poo. That is all.

  5. So, how are y'all? I've been too drunk to play...for about a year. Hi and bye!

    1. Danish


      Before you go again I have one question for you. Who is the roleplayer of the month?

    2. FriendlyFireGuy


      YOU! Congratulations, in fact, you've won it until 2020.

  6. 4 years here and #stilllurking

    Love y'all!

  7. Accidentally posted here

    Edit to leave you kisses xxxx

  8. Stopping by to say hello, hope you all had a great Christmas/NYE - Love you all x

    1. Unlucky George

      Unlucky George

      sup! much love 💋

    2. FriendlyFireGuy


      Love you G man. x

  9. come back uncle @FriendlyFireGuy I miss you 

  10. Fergus can do his event whenever he wants, he's just got to RP it - arrange it with the cops, NHS, get participants etc No one is going to do it for him, it's his event - As I told him previously. He already got the thumbs up, it's entirely at his door.
  11. You guys are going to do a great job, much love! xxx (Much better than I ever did!) Thanks for the kind words.
  12. Hey uncle @FriendlyFireGuy I will miss you so much man you did alot of me and for the server thanks for your time in the police and esp Athria and the rest of the Altis police department. it makes  me sad you are leaving but we will keep in touch and more importantly on Thursday I gave in my dissertation I Thought I would tell you because you would be proud and happy. 


    im crying inside but hope to see you soon Uncle FFG

    From your best friend and police officer


    1. FriendlyFireGuy


      I'll still be about from time to time. Well done with your dissertation, keep it up Tim, all the best!

    2. SPC Timmy

      SPC Timmy

      ok you better when are you next on TS <3

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