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  1. I would like to point out that this case was dealt with, and punishments have been given. I am also reminding everyone, that we do not allow that kind of behaviour and if we as a Staff Team find this being done, will deal with it in a manner to support the severity of the situation. We as a community are here to have fun, and this kind of behaviour should not stop that from happening, there for remember if you see or hear anyone get this kind of treatment then step in and support them like was done in this situation.
  2. Shhh! Changed :P
  3. All affected by the hackers, please make comp requests regarding what happened.
  4. Incoming? Already done weeks back ;)
  5. STAFF INTERVENTION The last video given shows rulebreak from the player "Hollow". A ban has been issued for RDM. Steam ID:76561198153103846 GUID:a8fa070b35088bc5652c2d73acc8fa7c Leaving the decision on Matt Ajazuri to Police Command.
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Yea, Aiden had to have some assistance to hit it ;) Did not make the Police look good at all xD
  8. Yea, so this is what happened - Matt can't find a barn door 10 meters from him and Aiden can't hit it ;)
  9. Merry Christmas everyone :)

  10. Hello I'm Mister Joe, the Uber driver of these 2 Officers, who still owe me 300.000 paid from the Account of CSI Beecroft! All jokes aside, this was really good Roleplay and you guys showed me something I missed from the Police in a while, good on you both. I have already contacted both your Constabulary Commands for this Roleplay, was not expecting that the Left Alone Sergeant Masis, was going to turn into this much RP! :)
  11. @Slater has a org with too many ships, I am joining them without any ships since they got approx. 2 ships per person currently. You are free to join us also Khandamir, Buster and Gregory has been thinking of joining also! :)
  12. Is it a tree?
  13. Finally got my forum profile updated

  14. Good luck everyone, do your best and nothing more can be required of you. We will be waiting to show you the ropes! ;)
  15. Happy Birthday!