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  1.  Go Give him a follow, my guy is putting in work 

    1. TheCap


      that dance was legendary 

  2. Shout out to Fancy on the RP as Papi, not had many encounters with you, but the few we have had has been 10/10
  3. Triads A place for all screenshots including the Triads. #TriadsOnTop
  4. Thanks for the love on stream tonight boys ❤️

    1. Cristi


      Fuck Idi

  5. Signed Louis Richardson

  6. “At 0:30 you can see Ju Long try and store his gun mid situation inside the workbench. He then realises that doesn't work. At 1:33 he then goes to his gang safe and stores his gun knowing he is still in a gunfight. This is then backed up seconds later with an Azteca shooting him breaking rule Combat Storing (C2.4)”. (C2.4) Combat storing - Storing your vehicle in a way that prevents roleplay such as but not limited to garaging a vehicle whilst you are being chased or impounding/scrapping your vehicle to gain an advantage. C2.4 says nothing about storing any sort of w
  7.  My best twitch clips over the past few months.

    1. Dan B

      Dan B

      Congratulations on the channel growth mate!

    2. Coozer


      Ty lad ❤️

  8. https://www.twitch.tv/coozer__

    playing some Phasmo with the boys

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