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  1. Well over the last 3 months i have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what other people do, i will no longer go with what other people are doing just because they wish to play that way i shall stick to my own thing. i miss playing my characters the way i used to as i said i stood out to begin with for the better because i put my all into my Roleplay and thats what i have missed and shall i return i will once again do so. As i stated if placed into a similar situation in the future i shall not make a spit second decision, i will keep calm and do what i have been doing for the past years on RPUK and that is ensuring my Roleplay comes above anything else and think of that would make for the best RP at the time.
  2. Well towards the end I found myself going with the crowd, a lot of the gangs and just general players quality of roleplay had lowered IMO and it got to a point where I was demotivated and no longer wanted to put the effort in that I once did, that is no longer the case I don’t care what anyone else does nor how they play, if they wish to have poor rp so be it I will not stoop to their level, I will focus on myself and having fun doing what fits with the character I am playing at the time. If I have to take a loss sometimes so be it if it enhances the roleplay
  3. Unban Appeal for Coozer In-game Name: Ju -Long Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198202314056 Ban ID: !!rpuk8418!! Reason given for your ban: G1.2, G1.7, C1.7 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned overall due to my slow decline in roleplay, the final nail in the coffin was a situation that happened at the church where triads and police engaged in a firefight let me explain the situation. An ex member of the triads was being chased by the police for some time, eventually said member found themselves blocked in with no place to go, at this point the entire gang was on scene at the church and ready to provide back up. We as a collective decided we would attempt to try and save said member from being arrested, a gun fight started and in a video you can hear me say “get words” now I would like to make this bit extremely clear that was not my way of telling them to start the firefight That decision had already been made, I wanted to ensure people actually had some form of interaction with them before They shot, you need to remember all of this happened so quickly and that was the path we took. Had I had more time to plan, and not have my mind running at 100 mph I would of pulled people away thought of a plan and went from there but unfortunately that was not the case Now I would also like to reference my previous ban for doing the exact opposite, not ensuring people had spoken to the police first before shooting, now in my last unban Robbie stated in his opinion it was “appalling” having a previous ban on my mind and making sure people had actually spoken to the police, at the end of the day that is part of what the ban system is about, leaning from your mistakes and that is what happened I wanted to ensure the same mistake did not happen like last time. I do not blame anyone for my actions, at the end of the day I was being lazy with my level of roleplay and I have since faced the consequences. Why should we unban you ?: I believe I should be unbanned because I know what I did was wrong, I knew that in my last unban but yes I needed some time away from it all, if I was to be able to come back now you would see a side of me that hasn’t been seen for a long time, focusing more on role play and just generally having fun, yes my RP declined over time but at the start of fiveM and especially the start of triads my RP was one of the best on the server IMO, call me big headed but at the end of the day I truly believe that, one of the first to actually do an accent(and stick with it) give my character his own sayings and way of conducting himself. A quote from Robbie “I myself witnessed you do some great roleplay” and “For someone who can actually provide quality roleplay you have let your standards slip quite alot recently” people know that can provide that level of RP that staff expect but as stated I let it slip, given another chance I will not let it fall again. I miss playing with the many awesome people that I have met over the years here on RPUK and I would like another chance to be part of the community again. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  4. miss u xx

  5. For a start can I request that you post a longer video as this is not a clear rule break and due to the guidelines when reporting a player you need a longer video that the one provided, Toby you wasn’t being threatening at all, it was like you was at our turf for a day trip out, you asked people to leave in the most passive manner how can you ask people to fear for their life when you are not being threatening. Now also due to the war rules we have between our 2 gangs you should know I wasn’t involved at that time as I wasn’t in colours and I posed no threat to you. You also state that I was given multiple warning to leave and this was not the case
  6. So be it, i will write up a proper reply to this later
  7. Hi @Mr Tateare you willing to sit down in TS and talk about this? i was never contacted OOC or asked to talk about this situation this report is the first thing that has came from it im sure a chat may help or even resolve this.
  8. How is this a revenge report? you are not a hustler as you claim 24/7, now if you was then i could understand why you would think it was a revenge report but you are nothing to do with the gang. the msg to Ryan was regarding his gang not you.
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