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  1. This is due to when we first landed and found that the xian was armed, i hopped into the xian and pressed mouse1 without aiming the cannon and due to that it was already aiming at Alex Maxmillian (am) when it shot resulting in him dying at laundry, this is something stavik also messaged me about after our talk. Redzone kill in question: https://gyazo.com/651b0288852272f8393af57e1c7a21c4
  2. No, I didn't feel pressured, this mistake is something I'm solely responsible for due to this being my own vehicle and therefore being responsible for what it was used for. Due to this being 2 days ago I cant remember exactly who I was with however I know at least 3 people which were Mcdonald, Alex Maximillian aswell as Malfang, but it was mostly with the plebs online at the time. This must be a mistake the only time I attempted to reconnect to the server was the one time I tried joining on the 11th around 1-2 hours before I made the unban appeal, I only joined th
  3. Yes, I was the owner of the Xian, which I received from an event I took part in.
  4. Unban Appeal for Chris M In-game Name: 15 yr old AR member Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198149463178 The date you got banned: 10/01/21 Member of the team that banned you: Stavik Reason given for your ban: A 1.4 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I exploited a personal Xian I received from an event by using the weaponry that came attached to the Xian, I used the weapons to kill people we thought would take it as a joke after we revived them however after further thought as soon as I discovered the exploit I should have reporte
  5. Then why not just revert it to how it was originally since in my opinion that was the better script compared to the ones that came after it, you could jump and turn swell as having jump over things, and of course there were some potential for exploitation in that script however in 99% sure most people knew that their character couldn't jump over a wall that's taller than them.
  6. There seems to be a lot of people -1'ing however not commenting anything any particular reason?
  7. My suggestion is to re-add the vault mid jump script as the jump script at this point is mostly useless as you cant even jump over small fences as you get stuck on them which then results in either forcing you to lay down or glitching your character out and killing you. I believe the most optimal jump script was the one initially released to the server as it allowed people to jump over fences perfectly fine, the only downside to re adding this would be people exploiting jumping over things that are taller than themselves however I believe this should fall over the common sense rule and the cha
  8. I don't know about Poseidon but as long as police is concerned, 99% of the time police will slam the centre of the zone and the only time we would go to the edge of the zone would be to kill a roach.
  9. Encourages roaching so its a -1 from me
  10. If that's the case fair enough however your current video doesn't show that and that's all I have to go off since I didn't shadowplay anything as it was not requested at the time when this happened. Going back to this though, its not about the time limit its just about the fact you coincidently put 2 reports up at the same time with the report being around 18-20 hours apart it just doesn't make logical sense why you would post this report before the report on Boab.
  11. Didn't sound like an Active gunfight until you decided to decamp and shoot at Alex?
  12. I messaged GREENY when he asked me who it was and I replied with not knowing since I was around 100-200m away when it happened and I don't really drive around with my map so I genuinely had no idea, however this still doesn't really matter since I'm part of this report and you never spoke to me or called me to have a talk. Once again its a bit weird that your report went up 5 minutes after Boab's report went up since you were on the server before that incident so wouldn't it be logical to make this report before you logged onto the server and not after another situation where you put a report
  13. I was no where near you lot when you "talked about the situation", so I don't see why you included me in the report and to add to this asking who it was in game isn't really attempting to resolve the situation we were never called to "Talk about it" and this report was submitted 5 minutes after the report for Boab went up when the situation in question happened around 18 hours before the report so It doesn't really make sense you why you wouldn't report this incident straight away but instead wait those 18 hours.
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