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  1. Robbery Squad

    I am ok with this.
  2. Robbery Squad

    BTW if you want to now what I am basing this off is in this show of "The Flying Squad" (Robbery Squad) in action. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08tl9t3/the-met-policing-london-series-2-episode-3
  3. Robbery Squad

    Ok so by the looks of all the responses it should tweaked abit and have better guns is what I am hearing. But if we get better guns then we are just another NCA or AR. We don't get better gun so we are not tempted to shot as we try to role play out of the situation instead of saying "hands up or lethal force will be used". It's all about the role play. But thank you everyone for you points and opinions I will try to make those changes thank you.😀
  4. Robbery Squad

    One how is this going to take away armed response? Two we don't get better equipment because it's not for the better equipment. We use the different uniform and undercover cars to have a more incognito approach to the situation. This is to get a much better response to the dispatch like "my car is being robbed". Three if there are no robbers then we must be doing a pretty good job then. But there is always some kind of robbery happening. But none the less thank you for your response and appreciate it.
  5. Robbery Squad

    I get what you're saying but it's not really like AR as we use our normal weapons, not big sniper rifles(MK1, MK18....) we use our normal patrol weapons. But I appreciate your input. Thank you
  6. Robbery Squad

    Tell me what you think about it. And if you think it needs any changes. Or if it is just shit and is not needed. But in a constructive way pls.😀 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GwQyEKLnDd2TGOlv_KvgBRStR2Rg4p7Ep99x_ErH0O4/edit
  7. Aircraft Carrier

    can I also say the aircraft carrier is a USS so that means it's with NATO. How will a Russian force have access to a USS ship?
  8. To Be Continued...

  9. file:///C:/Users/jccam/Downloads/Untitleddocument.pdf

    sorry its not the best, but i made it in like 5 mins great rp :) 

  10. NHS Quality RP

    thank you good sir, loved rping with you guys. :)
  11. Letting the CSO Drive

    fair enough then
  12. so wait i can get blacklisted for ride alongs
  13. i see that there is no way to speck to a SGT on ts