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  1. Not always seen eye to eye, but enjoy retirement Thankyou for giving me a place to find new friends and experiences Wilco is gone jk
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    Take it easy bossman
  3. So where shall I begin? Let's start with the biggest piece of information you missed out on. YOU SHOT ME FIRST and even better than that, you didn't say a word Just because I was told to stand down doesn't change the fact that I do not trust you. You've just shot at me without warning and you expect me to just roll over and be like "aw yeah nah he won't kill me now". Don't be stupid here, at that point where you shot me, I was not going to listen to you. You reference the fact that you had this elaborate plan whereby you'd exit from the rear, climb the ladder and escape. I had no knowledge of this and from what I could ascertain, the negotiations were organising to obtain an 4x4 for you to use to escape with. I elected to climb the rooftop as in a previous big bank heist, officers were ambushed from gang members hiding ontop of the buildings. Without assistance from NPAS, I went up myself to find out if there was anyone there, in the evidence, you can see that I don't even go towards your location remotely, until I turn around and see 2 hostages, a helicopter and a man with a gun. So this belief that I did not factor in the lives of hostages into account when conducting myself is not only ludicrous, but inane in its own right. To challenge the rules I have allegedly breached, I ask this: Powergaming - How did I exactly powergame? Value of Life - Considering you shot me first, how was defending myself not valuing my life? Unfair play - Just because you died, doesn't mean it is unfair, so please tell me how this was unfair? From my point of view, the only true crime here was my inability to land a shot on the target faster. I will also mention you seem to be a fan of obtaining evidence from other peoples twitch streams, so if you wish to follow or subscribe, click here And if you wish to support me and the stream, click here
  4. Crikey what a thread this has turned out to be. For context on the RPU assets available. Volvo V90 Audi A4 BMW 3 Series BMW M5 [Interceptor] Of these vehicles, the Interceptor is only accessible to Interceptor officers, who are specially recruited and assessed on their ability to drive the fastest car we have available to us. As means of balance, 33% of all RPU officers can be an Interceptor. Currently that stands at 7 out of 21. Since imports, I noticed a massive speed and acceleration deficit between police vehicles and sports cars and super cars with the occasional outlier. The issue we faced was our fastest car going ~140 mph with the cars we were chasing going well over 180. In response to this, the developers granted us the ability to use 2 M5's. On paper this sounds good, 2 of the fastest car? Brilliant! However, this isn't how this works. Car that goes 140 + Car that goes 140 does not equal 280. We would still be at a deficit, and we are. This on top of the numerous handling issues and physics of some of our cars, most notably the physic breaking BMW 3 series that has handling like its a go-kart and appears to have the gravity of Jupiter affect the front end. Then the M5 having the speed required to challenge a sports car but then has the grip of a deer on ice and the brakes of a scooter. We simply cannot compete at a consistent level. There are numerous factors for this, and as a faction, we need to do better. Some of the solutions can be internal, but some need to be either adjustments or features. I have already recommended and suggested changes to all RPU vehicles and requested new additions to the fleet of Response* Cars and when the time comes, help the developers to ensure they are good but balanced. *Response being - Frontline Policing, Roads Policing, Recruitment & Development, and CID. The changes I proposed were done at least 4 weeks ago and I have been told to be patient, as should other people. To try and combat vehicles being used in crime and those that fail to stop there are multiple solutions: Utilise preemptive tactics to immobilise the subject (Granted they don't wheelspin turn out of it) Use stingers to disable the vehicle Use the ANPR cameras to locate and stop the vehicle Use NPAS to observe Relay all information to CID of the vehicles involvement with evidence to have the vehicle seized. Catch them (if you can) These are ideal solutions and quite typically never come in to fruition purely on the performance of our fleet, but as I mentioned, suggestions have been made on my end as the Chief of Response, Police Command approved and it is now a case of time will tell if the development team implement the suggestions. To try and assist with understanding our current situation, I conducted testing on the Roads Policing Vehicles on 05/04/21 The test was from a standing start at one end of the LS International Airport Runway and it was a drag sprint to the other side where I met the grass end. What I was testing: Acceleration 0-60 Acceleration 0-100 Top Speed I used at the time, the Kia Stinger stock and fully upgraded as a comparison. These were my findings: I took into consideration that acceleration times ought to be looked at as an "estimate" on the basis I manually pressed the stopwatch when I achieved the desired speed and human error and my monkey brain would be a discrepancy compared to a proper computer. My findings conclude that the regular officer, especially those who are not in Roads Policing, have next to no chance of pursuing and catching a subject in a vehicle like a sports car, super car or superbike that can go faster and corner better. Our only chance of chasing on the ground is the M5, which albeit has a very good acceleration, cannot compete at a Top Speed where other cars benefit hugely from bumps in the road. Big post I know my bad Footnote: Cheers @Warwickfor tagging us, would have missed this otherwise. I am emphasising the numbers of RPU officers and am pushing for more. On top of this, I have requested a base patrol vehicle for the Interceptor team to actively patrol in that would be better than the RPU cars but not as good as the M5. this would give us a constant chance but not guarantee of success. But there's only so much I can do. I am at the will of Devs
  5. Bold of you to assume the Superintendents have close friends, let alone friends at all
  6. As long as I have a Police Interceptor Horse, I am fine with it
  7. Really appreciate the response @Stealthee It covers everything I raised and certainly leaves me with no further questions I look forward to seeing what changes come about from this Cheers
  8. This is a question towards developers and staff members who primarily focus on FiveM and as such would ideally prefer no other response from other community members. “What is the official stance on turf gangs maintaining their lore and group stories?” What prompts me to say this is over the course of the past few months, I’ve observed turf gangs drift further and further away from their origin stories and forget their proper identities. We have gangs building monopolies in legal trade when they are at their core, organised crime groups. Having one business as a front for laundering money makes sense, but owning a car dealership amongst numerous other business is ludicrous surely? How have they passed the necessary checks to obtain those? It just seems to be drifting from a proper story driven environment to a economy grinding simulator, with gangs doing whatever is ‘meta’ to make money. For example, when have you ever seen La Cosa Nostra go down to the sea to fish for funds? Realistically that would never happen and takes away from the authenticity of the characters they are playing and portraying, however character driven players is a whole new topic . I just want to understand the stance from the top to understand which direction we are headed. Cheers
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  10. Leaked footage from S6 Finale https://clips.twitch.tv/ObliquePopularLocustSpicyBoy-W5SQo-1VhzUv2eXS Maybe @TinyBigJacko @Norman @Shepherd Kingston would like this?
  11. Further on this, it mainly happens at the Prison, Police Station but can also occur randomly. Whilst it happens it renders the game nearly unplayable
  12. I'm also experiencing this issue, use of radio, ptt, F3 and caps wheel all being very slow, about 5-10 second delay. Mainly happesn when I enter MRPS
  13. Download more RAM On a real note, what are you intending to run? Just base your specs on what you want to run
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