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  1. Leaked footage from S6 Finale https://clips.twitch.tv/ObliquePopularLocustSpicyBoy-W5SQo-1VhzUv2eXS Maybe @TinyBigJacko @Norman @Shepherd Kingston would like this?
  2. Further on this, it mainly happens at the Prison, Police Station but can also occur randomly. Whilst it happens it renders the game nearly unplayable
  3. I'm also experiencing this issue, use of radio, ptt, F3 and caps wheel all being very slow, about 5-10 second delay. Mainly happesn when I enter MRPS
  4. Download more RAM On a real note, what are you intending to run? Just base your specs on what you want to run
  5. I have no means to ascertain whether Daryl Farell is yourself. Also considering that the individual left on the spot with no word, I cannot possibly contact them as I do not know who they are. Given the circumstances, this was the only practical option. Further follow up, the Fail to Stop notifications in the top right corner are GMT+1. I corroborated this with my stream and it works out that the player involved combat logged at 00:14 on 05/03/2021
  6. Report a player Your In-game Name: Matthew Smith Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Daryl Farrell Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 03/05/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 30 What best describes this incident ?: (C2.3) Combat logging Please (in detail) describe the incident: At approximately 0030 hours on 05/03/2021 myself and Constable Connor Coleman were engaged in the pursuit of a vehicle registered to a Daryl Farrell who had previously been seen at Legion Square Fleeca Bank in possession of a micro uzi. This veh
  7. Here we are again. Only 2 of our vehicles are able to match the speeds of most "super cars" the Volvo V90 (RPU) and the BMW M5 (Interceptor). The Interceptor rules were not initial placed in by the LSPS Command team (At least to my knowledge). Due to the fact in RP we only possess 1 of them, how is it possible to loosen the grip on the rules? As mentioned only 2 of our vehicles can pursue the top end cars efficiently, how do you expect us, as the LSPS to resolve this? Two options. Bring supercars down a bit to keep them as prized possessions for their glitz and glamour i
  8. Like my new profile song had to change my profile up since last one got removed from YT

    1. Ponty


      Good meme I approve

  9. You were always a good ol boy, couldn't live up to the legendary CC's before you but you did a good job I'm messing lad, enjoy your retirement
  10. Character 1 Character ID (Who has the cars at the minute) - 652 Character 2 Character ID (Where they should be) - 457 Affected Car Reg Plates Mercedes-AMG GT S LILT 110 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 OVZU 996 McLaren Senna SAUF 552 Ferrari 458 UYBM 319 F82 M4 YVVT 441
  11. can i have £160 please

    1. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      You mean can you have another £160?

    2. Ponty
    3. Shepherd Kingston
  12. @Wilco I appreciate the response provided however the size of my bollocks are irrelevant to the fact I did not mention you. The main reason being what I was referring to didn’t apply to you. Activity - You are active Accountability - A long time ago you chose to step back as a result of community feedback, you were held accountable and made a decision to benefit everyone, therefore does not apply. I also mentioned in my post about how I appreciate people are inactive for legitimate reasons, but you must appreciate the potential need for those who are active and ha
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