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  1. You joined yesterday and are a PCSO. Forum whitelisting is only provided to PC+. Exceptions are for those who became PPC's after the rank re-structure.
  2. 5k posts? 

    You shitposter

    1. Samatlewis


      What can I say, someone's gotta catch up to @Crumble

  3. Knew it was a good idea to not promote you xo
  4. stfu wanker, I had nothing to do with it lmao
  5. It's a game.
  6. Should see me in a HEMMT Box mate isn't that right @Bauwsix
  7. When trying to 3rd person angles, occasionally the tip of your barrel sometimes peaks through the wall/floor. People then call others out for looking through the floor even though they are not glitching. So the image is how those rebels percieve POV.
  8. Some rebels believe your eyes start at the front of your rifle, rather than in your head :^ )
  9. RIP Bradley Lowery 😞

    1. blaze1981


      rip indeed , such a brave little boy who always had a smile on his face even after everything he had been through 😢

  10. Fairly sure I was the guy on the green go kart, and managed to win :D
  11. I thought you followed the Church of Asmin? Fairly sure he won't be happy now :^ )
  12. What the fuck was that noise you made lmao
  13. Don't tag me