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  1. Ponty

    Panic Button Change

    Yeah more or less. So theres 3 police stations; LS, Sandy and Paleto. If you are within ~2 miles of any of these, the accuracy is 90 - 100% 2-5 it goes down to 75 - 89% 5 and above it goes down to 50 - 74% Decrease in accuracy = increase in panic area size
  2. Ponty

    Panic Button Change

    Could have it so the panic's buttons accuracy is dependent on how close an officer is to a police station. That way a panic will be more accurate in an area where gang members ought to consider the risk associated with the potential reward.
  3. Character 1 Character ID (Who has the cars at the minute) - 652 Character 2 Character ID (Where they should be) - 457 Affected Car Reg Plates Mercedes-AMG GT S LILT 110 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 OVZU 996 McLaren Senna SAUF 552 Ferrari 458 UYBM 319 F82 M4 YVVT 441
  4. Ponty

    Vehicle Suggestions

    BMW E92 M3 GTS https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-m3-gts-fully-tunable High end car, obtainable via imports. Valued around £135,000
  5. can i have £160 please

    1. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      You mean can you have another £160?

    2. Ponty
    3. Shepherd Kingston
  6. @Wilco I appreciate the response provided however the size of my bollocks are irrelevant to the fact I did not mention you. The main reason being what I was referring to didn’t apply to you. Activity - You are active Accountability - A long time ago you chose to step back as a result of community feedback, you were held accountable and made a decision to benefit everyone, therefore does not apply. I also mentioned in my post about how I appreciate people are inactive for legitimate reasons, but you must appreciate the potential need for those who are active and ha
  7. @Simon Ross Fair enough then, I was under the belief money and economy was still shocking, at the levels of where everyone and their nan has 100 million
  8. I’m fairly sure the initial message behind WhoIsDans post was to iterate that roleplay and player based has decreased. So seeing response such as money making ought to be easier when the economy is cracked or to make more deathmatch events seems counterintuitive does it not?
  9. @Wilco My arguments stems around the visibility or therefore lack of visibility of the management team and the accountability issue that has been prevalent for years. I am not stating members of management should be completely ousted from their positions, I even offered a solution of them holding an honourary role to ensure they are still a part of this community. I know members such as TBJ, Ciaran have other commitments and rightly so they should, this community cannot be the be all and end all of someone's life 24/7. But when looking at others such as Mr Cardoso, who I
  10. There's much more to the issues apparent than just what Dan has listed. You could probably get an entire essay's worth of content from what is going on, and these issues have been an ongoing thing for years. I'm going to raise 2 issues I can observe that I believe has contributed to the problem 1. Management 2. Development direction Management At risk of being banned, I am trying to be as constructively critical as I can. Which leads to the first point I will make, I shouldn't have to type the above in order to make a criticism. Ultima
  11. Edits don't come through as I'm typing, and considering the post doesn't say *edited*, I couldn't have known unless addressed to me directly. You must have edited it whilst I was typing my post out.
  12. TL;DR Server population is deteriorating at an increased rate, both daily and weekly rolling averages. This is not an ArmA 3 or Altis Life issue, this is an RPUK issue. This is as a result of unbalanced map design, lack of points of interest and new players having no guidance. *I will note however, it comes across rude to state TL;DR considering Dan has probably spent some time on this and the first thing he hears is, too long shorten pls*
  13. Ponty

    Prison Sentences

    Issue we face is consistent, serial offenders who habitually carry guns, knives and their aim is to take cops on. It’s discretionary as to what punishment you give dependant on the circumstances faced. You have a first time offender? Give em 10% of the maximum. On the other hand, you have someone who has gone on 2 cop killing sprees, takes 5 hostages a week and runs drugs and guns to the highest bidder? That to me is a max punishment. FiveM is for character development, as opposed to “I kill cop haha” or “I ruin criminals fun haha” Theres a fine line between righ
  14. I was mentioned by Jaffa regarding the "houdini" like incidents of Lincoln in his McLaren P1. Police received two separate reports regarding Lincoln's whereabouts, specifically Occupation Avenue near Pillbox. Both times officers arrived, Lincoln was nowhere to be seen and not one person there stated he exited his vehicle.
  15. Could hire the owners/employees of lets say Autocare, Moselys, etc. to get a flatbed and take it there directly. Like a drop off mission or something
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