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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. So myself , @DSGT Sanchez , @SPC Oscar Wilson , @Chase Gustavsen , @Curley and @Eldarkmagic have been playing quite a bit of Exile recently.
  3. @Drew , thank you in advance. His forum profile is - https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/19826-laurence-vendetta/
  4. There is a game called SuperHot that looks really cool, was watching a few guys from youtube play it and it looks sick. I played the non-vr version and it was pretty fun. I've seen somewhere you need Re-Vive to play it because It was actually built for the oculus rift. (I found the Video)
  5. In-game Name Laurence Vendetta Steam ID 76561198048450661 Please provide a link to your previous denied appeal. There isn't one. In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I was banned last year due to me streaming my mass RDM on server. Which was induced through manipulation by my peers as I was gullible and immature at the time. I was also banned due to my connections with banned support members. (An ex admin and support and also a few of my gang mates.) These actions that were committed were not intentional and premeditated, but were created on the demands and recommendations of my peers. If I was to be unbanned I would continue to carry out actions according to the rules and my own opinion. Regarding this I would happily sit a ‘rehab’ course with the Altis Police. What have you been upto in the last 6 months+ ? I have been focusing on my future career within HM Armed Forces and getting a part-time job in a bakery. On top this I have been studying my Academic Highers, of which I have continued with to sit the final examinations. Outwith these, I have just been bored with playing with the same old faces in the same TS, hence, why I want to return to RPUK and get some new interactions with different people. Why do you want to return ? As aforementioned I want to return as I have grown tired from the same faces and games, I would simply like to return to Roleplay UK and meet up with some old friends and faces. On top of this I would also like to recreate some of the greatest memoirs I have had with ALUK/RPUK. I would also like to return to receive a sense of community and wholesomeness. Why should we unban you ? I have understood completely why I was banned and I totally understand my actions were not required as they just provide yet another piece of grief for the admins to deal with. If I was to be unbanned in the future I purely aim to have positive and only positive outcomes with the support teams regarding myself in RPUK matters. It has been almost a year since my ban and since then I have matured and am capable of intelligent thought. If I was to be unbanned I would only come back to the community to do good, without any second thought from the admins. I also intend to return to RPUK to recreate one of the greatest memories I have had in Arma 3. With reference to the post uploader, I’m sure he could add in his opinion along with others on the status of my RPing skills, In my past, I have been the a part of major RP situations with my gang, creating false/genuine documents for bank heists and drug transports and just RP for genuine conversations within RPUK. Please confirm this unban request is for you. No I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes I confirm 6 months+ have passed since my denied appeal. No Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes
  6. @Vaffla babe, bann me or add me <3 Name:INS Tommy Vapour [KV554] Steam ID:76561198077879108 GUID:9e9cb4877e518ae7d28cbe6ae4128348
  7. There should be a "Zoom out (Toggle)" in the options in controls under "view". If you set one of your keys to this you should be able to toggle zooming out and get some mad frags. (Jk, rp is life)
  8. best Player EUW

  9. Nah, Server two is definitely up now @MAMBA :P
  10. One year today. Thank you, everyone, that's made this community so enjoyable. <3

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      Cheers tommy see ya next year ;)

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      one year and still a hobo. how tragic.








  12. Simply, there is no need and I wasn't recording. There would be nothing to "counter" if I did have a recording. Your recording literally shows everything. It's obvious it wasn't intentional. That's literally what I'm doing, because there is nothing else I can really do. This is a silly report and is not a rule break in any way. I didn't swerve into you I tried to avoid you and you made the choice to go the same direction as me. You trying to make it sound as I did it intentionally did it is a bit petty... I wouldn't even gain anything from swerving into you... You need to ask yourself Saul, Do you really think I purposefully swerved with the intention to kill you or damage your car? To wrap up, this isn't VDM. And we were both at fault, we both cut the corner but you were speeding. Just a road incident nothing more. Anyway, I feel like this is going nowhere I feel like I'm repeating points. I doubt it's going to get anywhere, so this is my last comment and I'll let staff decide.
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