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  1. Why don't you at least attempt to troubleshoot your PC? You never know what might be wrong. Maybe it's just a dead PSU, RAM stick or something a like. No point wasting so much money when it could be a simple fix. After all, that is the entire point behind using standard components - they're interchangeable.
  2. Pwetty please? Great memories with that... 😉
  3. Christ on a bicycle..
  4. Cheers for the banner @Scott1sh! 😁

  5. Have you tried this? Seems like a similar issue. For ease: "Unplug all other drives. Connect new SSD to sata port 1. If you have a windows disk or USB try to install windows onto it. Get to the disk partition section and format it. Cancel installation. Power down. Replug in old harddrive, boot into windows, check disk management again. Oh and double check sata mode is set to AHCI in the bios." - Bezzell
  6. So much for a GTX 1080...!




  7. Looking forward to playing ArmA on this combination.. 😀



    (RIP wallet..).

    1. Wilco


      Sorry to hear about the death of your bank balance today

    2. Shepred


      Yep. Just checked. It's a goner.

  8. 1,2m. Now or never offer - need an answer by tonight.
  9. Altis'.
  10. I'm well aware of VATSIM.. ;-)
  11. y u no 300ER? ? Also, you really should consider using AS16 + ASCA ?
  12. I definitely hope not. That would ruin the entire idea behind a lush, thick jungle that you can actually hide in.
  13. Apex is planned for 19:00 CET.



  14. And there I was, happily enclosed in my tiny bubble of imagination, praying to whatever that you had forgotten about that video. ... Damn.
  15. ... why the United Kingdom should leave the European Union! @Pope Chris @guyjacklin @TheGreatKhan