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  1. Hello Norman, the king of bug reports!

  2. Exactly at the end of the day we are here for a suggestion not the beefing between a couple people!
  3. Gray

    Panic Button Change

    That's true IRL as well the vehicle radios are chunky boys so maybe a mix of ponty's suggestion and your? so in a vehicle its 90-100% and then if your on foot the location based one?
  4. Gray

    Panic Button Change

    Think this is defo the best way this could be implemented makes decent sense aswell!
  5. Gray

    Panic Button Change

    Like the sound of this like set a location to be the "hub" and then the further you go the worse it becomes?
  6. Gray

    Panic Button Change

    Fair enough like i said at the start with the suggestion street name or rough location just to balance it i wasnt going on about if it makes sense just for balance reasons
  7. Gray

    Panic Button Change

    Cars, radios etc all have trackers however these can vary in accuracy depending on location for example you may be in the countyside and the GPS can be miles off. One of my old colleagues was point to pointed by the control room and they asked him if he was in the middle of the North Sea they are not always accurate! I also mentioned in the post about a rough location or so
  8. Gray

    Panic Button Change

    I think i would know about the radios from irl experience. radios IRL can be miles off depending on where you are its your responsibility to relay the information of where you are to Control in the short time you have to speak in situations etc
  9. Gray

    Panic Button Change

    Very constructive thanks. Any reason why?
  10. Gray

    Panic Button Change

    Brief Summary: Amend the Panic Button to highlight the road instead of pin point location for all radios. Detailed Suggestion: As in the summary change the function of the panic button to highlight the road or rough location instead of giving pin point locations. Not only is the mostly the case IRL but this allows for situations to unfold and Police to not know within 0.1 seconds you location. Possibly as well consider that the panic button has a cooldown so that it can not always give exact location. (not essential just a thought) The Pros: - Allow situat
  11. This hits the nail on the head tbh. Just cause its not seen doesn't mean it doesn't happen..
  12. Gray

    Black Clothing to Viper

    Yeah I need some black gear +1
  13. I don't think you could just brush it under the rug and say it was people that said something silly.. that aint something silly its just completely wrong in every degree. Just because its not frequent doesn't mean it shouldn't be happening in the first place this shouldn't be allowed. I understand if people acknowledge that the actions were wrong however doesn't mean its a get out of jail free card, there still has to be consequences for someone's actions even if they admit they are wrong. Yes you could perceive this as common sense however the rule should still be in place it may not hap
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