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Status Updates posted by Gray

  1. Gray

    You literally smell like a stale donut

  2. A post that did not age well. @Joshua


    I am proud to be Italian tonight

  3. Nice PFP.

    1. Reecey


      Thanks made it myself 

    2. Gordon
  4. Well we may have not go to the knockouts however the boys have done us proud getting to our first tournament in 23 years.

    Mon Scotland

  5. I hear whispers that the truck will be departing from Kavala around 20:15 tonight 



  6. 4672817894d3eed126e771e6f2ef7476.png
    The super league can get ti! 

  7. Gray





    Well this is awkward...

  8. Gray

    Imagine having a shot game with @Bowen Orion @Scream @Robbie @Tokjat where we all have spirits and you shot prosecco.

    Embarrassed Shame GIF 

  9. Note to self dont let @KeirT around boats!! Even if they aren't in the water


  10. Hello welcome to gold name gang! 

    1. Tyru


      Blue is better! But welcome ^^

    2. Nikolai


      @Jasonover here showing off his color

    3. 3FingerGaming


      Alright we get it! were skint 😞 @Jason 😛 

  11. Hello welcome to the gold name gang. 

    Please remove that filthy Green and replace with gold.


  12. Grats on RPUK making it to seven years!

  13. I am sorry @Jolly @Yello @Robbie



    (Jolly with the choke)

  14. Whoever said that I cant fly?


    (Still better than @Bowen Orion)

    Cheeky bonus pic of the nights adventures.


    1. Bowen


      Mate, I'd kick your arse in jets! Come back to me when you can dive from 1000m, flip upside down and go under the power lines!


    2. Jefke V

      Jefke V

      flying better then bowen is not really hard is it 😛 

    3. Bowen
  15. Gray

    Ice productions come to a crack den near you! 

    (the conditions of me posting this was that I had to do a cover. This is obviously a meme)



  16. Hello Norman, the king of bug reports!

  17. 5 years here, what do I win!

    1. Maverick Delta
    2. Hammie


      Bozza has gifted you a lockdown 

    3. Gray


      Big nick did actually 

  18. Wait.. you didnt just do that did you..


    @Jason @Maverick Delta


    welcome the newest member.. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gray


      you wanna get me it aswell since i just reached 5 years? @Shepherd Kingston

    3. Tyru


      He has already done a one up on me and Mav, we got denied secret scary rooms xP

    4. Maverick Delta

      Maverick Delta

      I got told I need to donate a grand for that 😞 If I pretend to be James Bond too can I get a spooky room?

  19. I really don't want to cause any issues however recently there was the report against Zin and another pleb which was declined due to it being actioned already however the reason that @DarrenGhad made the report again was through the advice of Wilco through this thread. With the report being instantly shut down from staff saying that it was already dealt with seems like a bit of a spit in the face to Darren. Just wanted to add my tuppence in.

    1. alex11
    2. Gray


      Im not trying to cause any drama im just trying to bring up the matter

    3. Nalurah


      Personally I think a better approach might be to create a rule suggestion instead of posting the report again. Within the report the admin's hands were tied because the rule clearly states you need to write a // message first. However, I agree with you that subjects of that neither should fall under the same rules as racism, terrorism and other subjects of a sensitive nature. It should be common sense that you don't use that subject on a roleplay server where people come to unwind and have fun. So, your best bet is to write a rule suggestion to make the situation change. If you feel the report wasn't handled properly by the staff member you can also discuss it with a staff lead by sending them a PM on the forum. Hope that helps!

  20. Merry Christmas folks!

  21. Happy Birthday you mutant!

    1. Norman


      Thanks Gray, I’ve been called a lot worse on here! 
      Merry Christmas ❤️ 

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