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  1. (6.1.4) You must not lockpick or steal a vehicle from the green zone. Have to disagree with you on that. So this is where we leave it to the admins to decide.
  2. You keep ignoring the part where i say partially in the GZ. I am aware the cockipit wasnt in the gz but the righthandside of the helicopter was. As for the harassment that is up to the admins to decide.
  3. Only credible evidence that was provided shows the heli was partially in the GZ. If you dont believe the clear proof in the video i posted go check ingame. The video says what needs to be said. If you honestly believe you guys were friendly and were teaching us it says all that really needs to be said about your attitude to other players on the server.
  4. As far as I was aware you four were all part of the situation hence why you were included in the report. If you did nothing wrong then you will be fine. After rewatching the videos it makes me aware that Yoco was the one that lockpicked and flew off with the heli. As for the Teamspeak part of it you guys were pleasant enough to speak to ( @Rice Krispy @Hayden Tacitus) and it was Mad Yoke and Yoco we had an issue with.
  5. Im reporting the GZ incident as I do not believe it is sensible to lockpick a vehicle partially in the GZ whether the cockpit is outside or not and also the harassment we received when we joined the teamspeak. This will be my final response to this post and will leave the admins to make a judgement call based on the evidence provided.
  6. The situation earlier was cleared up that my friend accidently hit you with a stray bullet (You were hit once and it was clear you were not meant to be shot) in an exchange with the police. He is also new to the island and we jumped into teamspeak to speak with the police about the situation and they understood my friend was new to the island and that he took the joke threatening to kill him seriously. In hindsight he realises why this was a mistake and the police officers involved were happy to leave it at that. If you have any concerns about situation feel free to open up a report where we can discuss this. Also you say i made an ignorant yawn it was 2am in the morning and I was tired it is up to you to interpret it that way and the admins can see the footage and judge based on that. We put up with harassment the second we joined that teamspeak and were repectful and nice the entire time. Also yes i admit I did not hotmic my coms to my friends when I said I quote "some guy just hopped in my heli in the greenzone" at the time i thought this was fine as it was out of RP talk eg mention of GZ and rulebreak however in reflection I understand in a situation i should at least make it clear I am tallking to my friends. I am aware there may be repercussions for my actions.
  7. Your In-game name Carlo Name of the player(s) you are reporting Mad Yoke, YoCo, Hayden Tacticus, Coco Date of the incident 06/07/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2 What best describes this incident ? Other Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Teamspeak Please (in detail) describe the incident I was out doing a diamond run in my huron and was moving my diamonds from my heli and van into a hemmt so I could then drive them to agios to sell. While doing this I landed my huron half in the greenzone and half outside of the greenzone. This is where the controversy begins as it was robbed . I went to TS and the people who robbed it claimed the side they lockpicked from was outside the greenzone and therefore it was just to rob it. I am aware the heli was not entirely in the greenzone but I do feel as though its not really in the spirit of the rules to rob a vehicle that is partially in the GZ. Especially considering there is not much that can be done to stop it as the situation occurred in the GZ as I cant threaten them as some of them were in the GZ during the situation. I would probably have left the situation alone considering my heli didnt get scrapped and just the diamonds were stolen however when calling them to teamspeak to discuss the situation. They were very immature about the situation swearing and mocking us seen in the teamspeak clip. One of them even decided to take the piss when talking about derry/londonderry situation because my friend is from ireland which I thought was really poor just out of respect for another country.Ultimately I felt they were walking the line with the GZ rule and where incredibly nasty during the Teamspeak conversation. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
  8. Alot of valid points made. However im going to have to disagree with making legal runs worth more as then whats the point of doing illegal runs. This also just makes rebels more inclined to rob legal runs rather then illegals runs. Hence why you get rebels constantly camping diamonds.As for poseidon i think alot of work is needed but it really comes down to the people in the faction. Im sure there are many good poseidon players but quite often i find poseidon memebers searching for a gunfights. Also i feel as though alot of the fun has been taken out of doing runs as when you are a rebel you are extrememly safe doing high grade weed in poseidon lands when there are enough of them on. This eliminate all risk in doing runs and kinda makes making money very easy. I feel like runs in poseidon lands need to be looked at as it isnt really a place for RP but rather a place to farm money.
  9. I also have evidence on this guy RDMing me and can upload if necessary.
  10. Ah ok. I'm just unsure if I can scrap sell it. I bought it as a civilian just unsure if it is classed as a police vehicle if I were to try to scrap it. Beacause right now it's not possible to steal police helicopters.
  11. Do police have the m900? I though they only had the hummingbird because it basically renders the m900 useless
  12. I mean scrap sell it to someone on the forums using the scrap steal function
  13. Currently I own a m900 police chopper. As far as I'm aware this item never existed for the police. I got it when there was a change in skins for choppers about two years ago. Is it possible for this to be scrapped if I want to sell it.
  14. I have a police M900. Dont know if thats any good
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