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  1. I've been forced by Simon to comment this
  2. Altis life player count changed from left to right


    1. Wilco


      Also in other breaking news.... GTA RP player count changed from right to left 😏

    2. Nuclear


      Now we just need to switch teamspeak to the left 1 and it should be number order .

  3. Looks nice! Are all the buildings in the compound accessible?
  4. Survival fatigues are awesome, def an upvote from me on those. However, imo, the wetsuit is not needed and already is quite distinguishable. Nice one Rekk!
  5. This is why I love Kavala and its surroundings
  6. Default arma picture, this guy man

    1. Duckkyy


      Default arma picture, this guy man

  7. @Koromiko Yes because fps is a lot better when it's not active and before it came out my performance was a lot better. No offence, but saying that your game runs constant 60 fps is bs since fps in this game is very dynamic - it depends where you are in the map, where you look, your fov\zoom, server pop and a lot of other stuff.
  8. +1 Don't get me wrong, the work that has been put in it is appreciated. However, the 15-20% fps loss I experience when it rains is too much to be worth it in my opinion. Driving into kavala while it rains is a 20 fps experience these days (and that's with a really good PC).
  9. +1 If you are a hardcore roleplayer that wants to see the black outlines, you are more than welcome to go and buy normal NVGs. If you want to actually see something, go and buy full NVGs. What's the big deal?
  10. I must've missed it, you should probably give notes in addition aswell. I guess, yeah. Sure, I'll happily speak with you. If I were just robbing you normally I would've given a very long time to comply and had a conversation with you aswell. This wasn't an average robbery, what this was is my response to a hostile situation started by these guys with guns. My initiation was clear - when considering the context my threat and demands were clear, and the time given was enough (as you pulled a weapon and mocked me which led me to believe you were not going to
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