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  1. I'd love it. I remember having the big NHS logo on my helicopters and uniforms when playing as a medic while having a United Nations logo / business logo as a civ. +1 I want it back, adds personality and identity to players and vehicles.
  2. Altis is a dangerous place. Being careful about where and how you park is a critical factor in preserving your personal safety. To park safely, you need to find the right location to park in and be sure to execute your parking carefully by pulling into the spot with caution. Never park where it is illegal and always look for safe areas with plenty of people around for example ontop of buildings with the NHS surrounding it. Make sure to focus only on parking and not allow any distractions. This will ensure safety for you, cars around you, and pedestrians and make sure not to VDM.
  3. Would be a lovely opportunity for Bronze+ Command to be permitted to do announcements which are via a set of premade messages which can be adjusted according to the situation. An example "Police Public Announcement - PPA Attention: Several persons involved with the --- gang / group involved in Grievous Bodily Harm around the Kavala City area, A price of £100,000 GBP will be awarded to the golden tip that leads to the arrest of the person in question. If you know the whereabouts of one or several of these persons, please contact the Altis Police Services via 999 dispatch.
  4. Guess we're preforming CPR on this post... I'd love to see this, having to tell people I have to restrain them before giving them a small ticket is very odd and results in some nervous people It'd be realistic and a quick manner to write someone a small ticket. The only negative I could possibly see is that when the box appears people would be unable to move or look around with the mouse. However the ticketing out of restrains would be a occasion only done when allowed and in a friendly situation
  5. John Woll

    USS Liberty

    Maybe the USS Liberty could be implemented together with @Gurlanin's idea, maybe have it near an oilrig or a single ship somewhere in the ocean conducting some shady business which could be a job.
  6. +1 I'd love to see a new high paying job that requires a bit more, requires a boat, wetsuit and other supplies. Add in some illegal options here and there (maybe turn that HMS Insurgent into a rebel store without a red-zone as combat on the ship would be quite interesting, add a few wrecks of vehicles which are already in the game for extra attention from the maritime lads.) I'd advice to limit the helicopters though, we all know what happened to blood diamonds, people land helicopters on the little 'manmade' island and boats were never used. Perhaps make the materials from the oil ri
  7. Give everyone binoculars, wipe Server money and vehicles problem solved. In all seriousness this is becoming another of those ‘salty rebel, salty cop’ discussion. Go back to talking about money not about how the status of roleplay is and has been terrible for the last year(s). If you want to make a change, don’t go crying on the forums. Apply it in-game, cops who initiate on tires instantly and rebel’s who tell everyone and anyone to ‘Fuck off or I’ll shoot you.’ Change starts with YOU The 'making Police gear cost money' idea is completely useless and just a scapegoat
  8. Your In-game name PC John Woll [6840] Name of the player(s) you are reporting User Date of the incident 01/11/18 Time of the incident (GMT) 1415 What best describes this incident ? RDM Which server did the incident take place on Server 1 Please (in detail) describe the incident On a Tango Romeo 1 patrol we encountered a camouflaged offroad on Devils bend. Prob. PC TBigSoul ANPR'd the license plate and discovered that the owner of the vehicle was wanted. We did a complete turn and pulled the vehicle over, after Prob. P
  9. +1 Firefighters when? I love burning myself already in-game! Might be a good idea to add a special uniform like the radiation suit which neglects fire damage, on the cost of movement of the person wearing it, it'd be available to the Altis Emergency Fire Service on duty.
  10. Not sayin' it's aliens... But it most definitely is aliens.
  11. Insurance or die! This is genuinely what you have to fill out in the Netherlands if your car gets hit by someone or something else. You also have to mark up the damaged area's and such.
  12. Reported, deported... Did you atleast comp the poor sod? Also, Dutch license plate!
  13. Personally I'd like to see this function being added. Limit the placeables to 3 in total and otherwise they'll despawn (if you place 3 down and then the 4th object the 1st one you placed should despawn) maybe make them disappear after a while of no interaction similar to the vehicle clean-up script. Interactions for the cones should be something like the spike-strips with scroll-wheel or a entirely new menu through the windows key. Example Windows key --> Menu --> Pick up object and or a Move object too Limit it to RIR and RTU as well as a test trial because to me the barr
  14. I agree with @WelshWolf give us our baby back! Skin looks really nice!
  15. The handcuffs could be purchased if you have the Advanced Rebels license or you could only make them obtainable through the AR weapon cache. Persons who have the handcuffs (Virtual Item) in the virtual inventory would simply have the exact same mechanism as the current way to ziptie people Shift + R, handcuffs disappear and person goes into restrains, windows key + unrestrain in menu and the handcuffs reappear. Boltcutters should be needed or lockpicks to get someone out of those handcuffs, or the person who restrained can free the handcuffed person, police would just get the same
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