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  1. No need to elaborate that. I think @TCK John Dillingermade that clear hahah
  2. Greatly constructed bases can´t hold The Lords of Valhalla back. I look forward to seeing you negotiate your main base back.
  3. I find insecurity in your words. Ofcourse its plain to take UNMC members out alone, since you´re not a brotherhood. You will never find a Viking alone, and never take one out without losing people yourselfs. We are not afraid to come back, I admit that the last time was rough, and we are tending our wounds. But we will be back, with bigger numbers and stronger tactics. Your base is never safe.
  4. Results of your men being executed. Even if this war is going both ways, I only see victory for Vikings.
  5. In that case, I´ll set some Vikings in action. Let´s see how much the mayor can depend on UNMC. Long time no see Blaze, you will be seeing me around again. Regards V. Kalashnikov
  6. That would be metagaming hahaha Aww shit, I´ve said too much! :( Step 1: Get a big gun Step 2: Go to Kavala Step 3: Use your left mousebutton
  7. ARAC HQ. Easy to come from there to garage without having your big gun spotted by the police. :)
  8. When people dont like LOV. (Don´t worry, it´s been resolved.)
  9. Since this is one of my lads, I´ll do him a favor. Feyzi is at work atm, but will be coming on later, so you can expect a late reply. (Just to make sure they dont ban him). The thing is, that you are driving away from your friend who is being initiated on <--- As you can see on your video. I believe Feyzi have a video of it, but as I said, will only be able to post it later. What happend from our point of view, was that Feyzi hotmic the whole initiation, and told your friend that if he sees any armed rebels within that area, they will be shot upon, and your friend failed to deliver you this piece of information. But again, please put this on PENDING admins, since he is not able to answer whilst at work.
  10. I must admit, I´ve come across TCK a few times now. Even though it always ends out in a gunfight, they never fail to deliver some Roleplay. Not only in their own, also providing for other gangs. Keep going TCK <3
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