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Adam Wes

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  1. Nah kenny you seem like a nhs sort of guy
  2. That's what they want you to believe
  3. Delta airlines coming at you!
  4. Would love try destiny 2, I'll watch the stream anyway so why not!
  5. 72
  6. Thanks for the gift, gonna take me back to the motherland...


  7. So ever since @Hoax left the community he has been practising on CSGO...


    1. Jamiie


      He sent me this 5 minutes ago. I am disgusted

  8. If you would like to join the police then you need to apply here: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forms/5-altis-police-application/ And fill it out with lots of detail.
  9. Rumour has it the medics flew in Taru's and took them all hostage! Resulting in the UNMC and Police working against the NHS!
  10. Rude, I would like to see more +1
  11. I like the profile revamp!

  12. You survived an encounter with @Dcert? Dcert The medic fragger
  13. Happy Birthday! You hobo

    1. James Blezard

      James Blezard

      Cheers mate :>