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  1. is arma 4 out yet 😞

    1. Lord Steve

      Lord Steve

      We have to wait until 2025

  2. Trex

    heard u got furloughed by avon, unlucky mate

  3. Trex

    answer your phone me and your mom are worried

    1. Will Boston

      Will Boston

      Ive met this poor guy when he got put in holding cells by the vespucci police department. Dk what happend with him after...

    2. Dcertunbann


      Leave me alone

  4. Anyone play rust? Looking for some peeps to play with

    1. Wilco


      I do but it brings out the worst in me

    2. Nalurah


      Can confirm ^ freaking hilarious though!

  5. Roleplay

    1. M


      dot co dot uk

  6. Trex

    I aint sending you a dick pic, leave me alone

  7. Trex

    heard you coming back? 

    1. Dcertunbann


      yes yes just ordered a big big pc

    2. Trex


      dole money payin out

  8. Is rpuk still expanding? would like to see a rust server

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Coco


      @Wilco owns a little rust server on the side called rust.uk or something like that, it is not affiliated with rpuk though

    3. Aplexity


      no point in other servers they never get used

    4. Nuclear


      @Rice Krispy Ive heard that rust server got shut down a bit ago.

  9. Im confused?? Its obvious that the community wants this, all of the threads listed contain positive feedback from the majority of the community, however was instantly denied from either management or staff leads. And for the argument that it decreases roleplay, if someone wants a gunfight they will get into a gunfight. Gunfights are apart of the game and keep it alive, and so is roleplay, its about good balance not trying to completely remove gunfights from the game. (Which i feel this community does too much) The reason its going down this route is because you said yourself
  10. Trex


    1. Wilco


      None of that bollocks here...

    2. Dcertunbann


      @Wilco I just brought a PC. Does the mass unban include me?

    3. Dcertunbann
  11. You still alive?

    1. ReissMate


      Sadly not, he's moved onto bigger and better tings!

  12. Hoax

    why are you like this

  13. Hoax

    mate wanna go and roleplay?

    1. Trex


      cant find time atm too busy roleplayin on discord

  14. Trex

    Salv the type of guy to miss his doctors appointment cause he is sick

  15. Trex

    When we gonna carry on with our minecraft adventures?

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