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  1. Hello, I'm not involved in the situation however I have downloaded the video and put it in video editing software. I have scrubbed through the video frame by frame and found this I believe the number is 1 2 3 The 1 is fairly obvious The white 2 can be seen behind the red 2 and 3 instead of 8 as the top curve of the 3 does not continue, which would be expected of an 8. Hope this helps
  2. Oh you've got to love un-inventive, box checking, rule following RP. This is the exact reason why Altis is going down the drain... We've become too familiar with the script of "Put your hands up on your head or my friends and allies will open fire on you"... no one actually has real interactions. Take a look on GTA, you'll be able to see there RP is flourishing because they don't have box checking exercises.
  3. My south korean age is 19, can i join a GTA faction pleaseeeeee?

    1. Anonymous Capybara

      Anonymous Capybara

      join ugandan airlines

    2. Hive


      join vulcan

    3. Punk


      Who is Vulkan?

  4. Massive growth for the FiveM server, just need to ensure that the quality of roleplay persists as we raise the player count

    1. Wilco


      I agree! The rules and staff are in place to help that happen! we will see matt hancock!

    2. AlexBear


      you going for staff MK?

    3. M


      @AlexBearhahaha i dont think wilco would let me near a red tag 🤣🤣

  5. If server populations keep this high, it might not even be worth me waking up to play this weekend!

  6. double check the instruction manual, because the delete button can look quite like the save button!
  7. Wait a minute? Is that a working tape recorder?
  8. I don't think you were familiar enough with TBJ to not get shitted on by his response Staff team and dev team do a great job, that is under-appreciated. Especially the staff team, while they do make some decisions that are controversial, its usually with the best intent for the server. Do I think there is bias? Yes, there probably is. Is the impact of the bias minimal? Likely yes. You won't remember this as you've been here for two days, but the fair bans process was introduced to give people more chances to learn from mistakes, which would have removed a large amount of ad
  9. I'll just submit a deed poll to the court to change my name 😛 

  10. Services are resuming... Michael Kourse's services are resuming! After a short break, I'm back in the game helping people access the justice system they deserve.
  11. its in the papers now


    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      That is some solid propaganda right there

  12. @Alfred Wilsongreat to see that you're in a clean interview room this time
  13. what are the changes to the forums

    1. Norman


      I think it was just a migration

    2. M


      Bloody immigrants 😂

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