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  1. Cool

    Ifrit decamp

    Always been like that. Only driver decamps . One can only wish bohemia wakes up one day and fixes all the bugs
  2. You can all of my hunters for only 10 mill each black friday offer!
  3. If anything should be altered it should be Poseidon. Police usually never use them. Rebels arent really a thing.
  4. Why not reject this one then? I wasnt suggesting to remove it on mraps. You knew a new post would be opened to remove it on all vehicles, but now votes have been reset. Smart politics if you dont want to remove it lmao
  5. Not sure why this one was closed. All the votes should count here aswell
  6. Excuses for shooting people? I like this!
  7. Cool

    New H.M Location | Domes

    Just remove the buyable domes and move them somewhere else simple And dont add any custom buildings
  8. Cool

    Change HM Operations

    Move it back to domes would be fun, but i dont see why your trying to make it hard to the HM when its hardly done like it used to
  9. Took a month but finally its here. Lets get decamp script removed and have some fun combat again


  10. This post has been updated and editing to fit the guidelines of the section. Voting and discussion is now reopened
  11. Cool

    One life per gunfight

    Imagine how many will snipe then. Already too much sniper war
  12. Would make life so much easier. To ensure that it wouldnt be classed as unrealistic then make it an option when taking the vehicle out of the garage that will share keys to everybody online.
  13. Very nice to see that something is being done for rebels
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