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  1. Not even been back a week and i've already had my orca stolen from a green zone and scrapped, not a good start 😕

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    2. Max Whitchurch

      Max Whitchurch

      @MrLongSlong yeah my man, it was parked at the airport.

    3. MrLongSlong


      Ah ok was gonna say otherwise it was prologue deleted b staff


    4. Max Whitchurch

      Max Whitchurch

      @MrLongSlong ahhh okok, but nah i got the message saying it was scrapped so it was definitely someone breaking the rules. Its just quite annoying considering i've only been back under a week and i've already encountered something like this.

  2. I would love to attend the wedding as i hear the buffet is one not to miss, i'm also good at drinking all the free champagne :D
  3. First of all i know how strict this community is with breaking rules and i appreciate how good of a job all of the admins do, I also realize how serious the rule i broke is and i would do anything to take what i did back, i sometimes find myself looking back at all the great times i had with my friends from all over the place that i met through this community and i think to myself how could i of flushed it all down the gutter by doing the wrong things and making bad decisions. Its became more and more evident how much i miss this community each day of my ban and now that loads of my classmates are joining thats giving me even more reason to try rejoin this community over the top of my fun past combined, obviously i am expecting consequences as well ,I agree to a full account wipe as as far as you know most of my money isn't legit. As for what I could bring to this fun, friendly and diverse community is my up most efforts in creating fun and clever role play scenarios, i will make it my priority to provide my peers with the best quality role play humanly possible and make it my oath that i will follow the rules indefinitely. I feel like i understand why Money Duping and exploiting in general is such i looked down upon act that ruins everyone's experience on the server. I would never in my life dream of doing anything of the sort again as i have realized how selfish my former self was and how much brilliant role play could of been enjoyed by a lot of people if i hadn't of exploited the game If you want to know the exploit so you can patch it or if its one you already have patched just PM me and i will share the information with you Lastly I would like to thank the staff team for there time and there services to this community and i hope you give me a final chance.
  4. I think my best role play experience was when the Police had to supervise the Lords Of Valhalla server event where civs had to race each other from Kavala square to the LOV headquarters, I was put in charge of my own checkpoint which I was very proud of at the time , I remember that as soon as all the racers had passed my checkpoint I had to get in my car and catch up to them as fast as I could, I also remember catching somone cutting a corner and obviously they were punished :D , But I think the best part of that event in terms of role play was when everyone who took part in the race in any shape or form gatherd at the LOV base and had a fun time taking photos and taking part at n loads of great RP.
  5. Congrats on getting Staff old friend 



  6. I have never been banned prior to this one, I've owned a gang, been in the police and served as a medic
  7. Yes, I think I would, I wish I just took my time and had patience. I think by now I would of had an amazing standard of role play and I believe I would be at least SGT in the police, the thought of it breaks my heart
  8. I believe I would be able to bring bucket loads of quality RP, I won't be one of those "stop or die, 1234" bang bang bang rebles, Instead I would try and think of imaginative and clever role play situations and give everyone I play with an amazing fun experience day in day out
  9. Happy birthday salty hobo 

  10. its been 7 months and I have grown up and i know exploiting is a bad thing and i realise how stupid it is and how it ruins the fun aspect of a game and ruins the experiance of players around me .I was a really greedy person but i believe i have grown up. If you unban me ill make sure Roleplay is my main target and that im not in it for the money, to gain your trust back i will work hard in in any whitelisted faction and roleplay my little socks of and i will show you that i love roleplay and that i dont care for how much money I have in the bank. I feel like i have been given enough time to think about how wrong my previous actions were and i just hope i can start roleplaying again soon. I will agree to a full account wipe if that has to happen and i have re-read the rules and wont dream of breaking them again.
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