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  1. Happy new Year everyone and im out again, see ya next year 🥳🥳🥳

  2. annnd Denmark just shut down cuz of corona.... well fuck

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    2. jaxteller


      The only thing in Holland they recommend is not shaking hands🤣


    3. Stoter


      @Nalurah People are so fucking stupid, like the one thing helle ( prime minister or what its called) said was dont run to the shop and buy everything you can, and what do people do? 

    4. Nalurah
  3. Stoter

    RAGE 2 70%

  4. Stoter

    Far cry 80% off

  5. well it kind of freaks Sgt KeirT out hahah
  6. its was really fun, even tho i dont have a gun, my looks scare everyone away
  7. @SGT KeirT guess my first day on the job turned out great after all it was really fun
  8. Jesus christ, what happend here? :O 

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    2. Nuclear


      Not sure what you're refering to is what im thinking off but yeah

    3. jaxteller


      Stop crying you danish fuck 😎

    4. Stoter


      i love you to jax 😉

  9. soo this video was posted 5 min ago, and the video is 17 min long? and people are allready saying good job? im just asking how?
  10. Plz belgium wins this match 

  11. im down, but i dont have it installed tho
  12. Hello INS. executioner, I got a job for you. meet me at OG south gang base in 64 min. 

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    2. Stoter


      yeah, keep telling your fellow officers that. make them trust you xD

    3. Baby Shark
    4. Gurlanin
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