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  1. Happy new Year everyone and im out again, see ya next year 🥳🥳🥳

  2. annnd Denmark just shut down cuz of corona.... well fuck

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    2. JaxTeller


      The only thing in Holland they recommend is not shaking hands🤣


    3. Stoter


      @Nalurah People are so fucking stupid, like the one thing helle ( prime minister or what its called) said was dont run to the shop and buy everything you can, and what do people do? 

    4. Nalurah
  3. didnt even know, it was there...
  4. well it kind of freaks Sgt KeirT out hahah
  5. its was really fun, even tho i dont have a gun, my looks scare everyone away
  6. @SGT KeirT guess my first day on the job turned out great after all it was really fun
  7. Jesus christ, what happend here? :O 

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    2. Nuclear


      Not sure what you're refering to is what im thinking off but yeah

    3. JaxTeller


      Stop crying you danish fuck 😎

    4. Stoter


      i love you to jax 😉

  8. soo this video was posted 5 min ago, and the video is 17 min long? and people are allready saying good job? im just asking how?
  9. If you would remove this imo make at button called request medics and then medics can press responds when they are on the way
  10. Plz belgium wins this match 

  11. im down, but i dont have it installed tho
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