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  1. Logged on to say You're cat has a striking resemblance to mine.

    That's all folks.

    1. SPC Timmy

      SPC Timmy

      how are the APPLES doing 

  2. How dare people complain about this price? May I remind that this is the most historic building in Kavala (well not really, but it's Cardoso's old shack where we have done a lot of naughty things). When I sold this property, I sold it for 13 (while bids went to 19 before i stated i would sell it for the last bid within the deadline) and I could have let it continue. And if I dont remember falsely, Cutter had an offer for over 30 millions for it which he refused considering he had stuffed the place with Marmite. Also Dan sold it for 30 millions later aswell. Ps. Cardoso will take
  3. lol, for those who remember Tanoa then they will remember how little effort people are willing to give for having a fresh start and having to earn their money in a thougher way (note: it had a much more realistic economy as well). back when I joined the server in 2014 money was appreciated, and a result of that there was a lot of rdm (and vdm) as well as triggerhappy people. people where to scared to lose their shit due to money so they rather get the "see you on the forums" instead. i think a wipe would only give negative results, as people easily are more open to roleplay when they can repla
  4. Uh, honestly a darter is less OP than any hellcat when operated by two people who know how shit works.. Hellcats are faster, more reliable, can be used for transport and can't be shot down with one bullet (which one gang, TKC I think, used to be good at). But now as the civil drones have come out which I believe also have thermal, why not spice things up and offer rebels the drones too? The issue I see in darters at least on the police side (at least last time I was in it) is that it is contributing to NPAS not being used for the communications is may bring, taking an eventually high rank
  5. I think no one have beaten my record by how many cops I managed to take hostage at once.. Even used the hostages to deal with the guy who robbed me earlier that day.. I will always remember his reaction when he was going to rob me and my Huron at the Heroin field and 30 cops came out of the Huron.
  6. To "celebrate" that I have been a member for three years the 22 june I will be giving away some spare change (8 million) ingame to those who want and need some spare change. I believe I also have weapons and an ifrit to rent out to those who want to use it. Honestly, who would not enjoy having another persons ifrit scrapped, eh? Might concider renting out my Huron and Jet as well, I will think about it. Or actually, if someone manage to post a brilliant or hillarious picture in the comments, they will be given all the money.
  7. Can't wait until they begin picking people..
  8. RIP James Bond

  9. Imo Tanoa was the best "life" that this community have had (altis, tanoa, stratis & takistan). It was not about going around and being and shoot everyone, it was rather the real aspect of it, where payrates were not stupid, you did not start with a fortune and people had to work to get something.. And that was the problem, most people here, at least at that time don't enjoy working for their gains, they expected everything to be handed out to them for them to not appreciate it. I had waited several months for Tanoa to come. I was tired of Altis and wanted something proper and new. Tan
  10. lol who made ross an inspector
  11. @Lemmen only legends remember mpu
  12. Is Brighton worth going to for a week? 

    1. Tuna


      Nothing special about it IMO. Could just be me but I live in the area and it doesn't particularly excite me.

    2. Matt


      A week? not so much. A weekend? Absolutely! 


      Plenty of places to party, lots of arty and interesting places but for me I wouldn't want to spend a week there.

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