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  1. I heard @Fallen was specially not happy
  2. Why am I dead in most of these kills?
  3. UNMC fisting the Russians.... This video was not what I expected @Droge Worst. I want my money back.
  4. This is nothing new.... and it's not this video that landed you on the list you sick fuck.
  5. Blame @Mark Watney
  6. I see a VTS vs Jesus comming up.
  7. Yes I can feel it.
  8. @RepulsiveHalo Please upload a 5 minute video to see what happened prior to the situations. All RDM reports must have a 5 minutes+ lenth video.
  9. Somebody once told me.....

  10. Jesus christ Fergus. Learn to undertand. He responded to a gallery where UNMC and Rebels are dead, they decide to call medics down and get them all revived and once they got revived, a UNMC private took the officers hostage. Regardless of tensions between UNMC and Police, these officers decided not to have some vendetta against UNMC and get them some medical assistance and they are repaid by being taken hostage by them. (No doubt executed later on). That statement speaks for UNMC for itself, doesn't it... My god.
  11. ooooooh Destiny 2?! Damn, yes please. I have to say working for Game has it perks eh?
  12. Alongside this, he runs a specialised unit in the police and command of a constabulary... And watch films with his SO. 10/10 lad. Time management skills on point.
  13. Yes... @AlfonsPappa and I ready to freg.