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  1. I'm good dawg, wbu

    1. Gray


      Im alright mate, been missing you!

    2. LastNickLeft


      @VikRambo coming back my guy? 

    3. VikRambo


      @CSI LastNickLeft haha if Fade gets unbanned then sure man.

  2. I'm good dawg, wbu?

    1. Gray


      Vik you still about jeeeeez

    2. MarkW


      Im good dawg, wbu

  3. ay yo wag1 g

    1. LastNickLeft


      Big man Vik, long time no see

    2. VikRambo


      @LastNickLeft DI LastNickLeft how are you sir!

    3. Archie
  4. I miss you too boo! @GiantMassivePoo Thank you very much for your praise, Sorry I'm replying so late. I've only recently been sent this thread. I must say I am a fan of your editing style and content. You've got yourself a new suscriber!
  5. Lit video. Kinda reminded me of AnthonyPit, not the gameplay (god ur trash) but the editing and songs are very well done.
  6. is ur profile pic that commander from The 100?

  7. VikRambo

    For Honor FREE

    Till stocks last! https://free.ubisoft.com/promotions/for_honor/26/
  8. Omg, I died at the end part. Fucking Remissions with the classic "WHAT THE FU--...". Nice one peach.
  9. Cheers lads, that was the problem. <3
  10. Mic sounds perfectly fine on TS yet in game it sounds like I've got my mic shoved up my ass and am talking through it. Tried restarting arma and profile setting and everything but no luck. Problem started after I set up my HTC Vive with my PC but I don't see what could be conflicting there.
  11. Just got my HTC Vive. VR here we come

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hontah
    3. LukeN


      Perfect timing dude - recently I’ve been playing the shit out of Skyrim VR, it’s mega. Add me on steam we can play some time

    4. Wicker


      Got it awell if you wanna play some VR MMORPG There is orbus and stuff fatty nice

  12. Fuck off, all you do is made me curve my land around urs cause u just left a shit stack in the middle. I will remember this betrayal.
  13. Damn that luckass headshot as Fuze on clubhouse was disgusting. Hate to be that guy. Bet he left after that death lol
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