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  1. Lemmen for AR

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      Thought you meant altis response 🙃

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      lmao better than half of ar 

    4. Lemmen
  2. OH, Well I'm very sorry for me attempting to correct you. I do remember now, and yes that is due to me being young and having no self-restraint. Don't know how else to put it tbh. And to add onto it, I did request getting banned just for the exam period, and that was only on the game server.
  3. I'm fairly certain I've only requested myself banned once. If I did do that twice I honestly can't recall. And afaik, this is my only ban
  4. Answers you want and answers you shall get. I had some issues in whole with the community, and my relationship to this server, as you should know, was not that of a normal person. Playing on RPUK I started playing for the nostalgic feeling rather than actually playing to enjoy the game. I enjoyed that a lot, I did a lot of old school roleplaying, talking to people in kavala square about life and stuff like that, I missed it, and that feeling was back, but even though how hard I tried I kept getting it ruined for someone wanting a quick kill, or a troll who I can't really do anything about
  5. hehehe, Definately didnt see this one coming

    1. Lemmen


      Always surprising

  6. In-game Name Lemmen Steam ID 76561198019230686 The date of your ban. Member of the team that banned you. Edgar Reason given for your ban. Personal Request The Server you initially were banned on. Teamspeak In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I got banned because I requested it. I was tired of RPUK. Getting drawn back in. Involving myself too much. And I had to take drastic measures to sort out my own issues with the community Why should we unban you ? I'd like to start playing around on here. I can already say I won't
  7. sounds like you went into restore mode saving all your data and doing a factory reset will outrule any software issues, if the issue persist it's a hardware issue, and will most likely be linked to home and power button
  8. Lemmen


    Gamebreaking feature.....
  9. her being a grill doesn't make her like steph :c
  10. As a victim of intense cyber bullying and the ladder. I've learned myself to be on the side "It's the internet, who gives a fuck" out of pure necessity to not get a mental breakdown and therefor I can't really relate to the victim role because I've been in it so much. However harassment of any kind is ofcourse not right, but in roleplay, it shouldn't be completely be outruled? I can understand that ofcourse there will be restrictions which would go under ** COMMON SENSE **
  11. Lemmen Lemon Lemmen

  12. You need administrative permissions to add things into your Windows folder Open up 7-zip as administrator and you should have no issues cheers
  13. Seeing a staff team member actively defending this idea that a roleplay server needs everything to be prooved, is kinda sad imo. And now it may be just a screenshot, next it's a video, then suddenly it's a record of your whole internet history to proove that you was online on the server together with timestamps on screenshots aswell as videos, and then also signed permissions that's been mailed from CNPAS that you have authorization to use the darter together with a photo of your passport and you logged into the forums to proove you were allowed the darter, and that you actually saw someone.
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