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  1. Single rule addition to explicitly explain ban evasion
  2. Date / Time: 03/05/2021 - 16:00 Release: Please form an orderly line Minor Additions, changes and fixes Added job priority queue - the manual solution used before has been replaced with a popup when joining which requests whitelisted users to select a job to queue as. Please note that if you queue as a job, you are required to play as that job for at least two hours, otherwise you must logout, and re-queue after five minutes. If a group's priority slots are full then you can queue as a regular civilian and then clock on. Final notes: Testing: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/128250-gta-rp-game-testers/ Suggestions: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/506-suggestions/ Bugs: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/93-report-a-bug/
  3. Date / Time: 10/04/2021 4PM Restart Release: Migrate migrate migrate Additions Added casino job (currently staff/dev only) - as an RP aid for players in the casino and to distribute chips @Ciaran New helicopter for NPAS @Archie General Changes Fixed lucky wheel @TinyBigJacko Shop fixes @Stealthee
  4. This has now been fixed, the blip will remain for the person who accepts the impound, and their waypoint will automatically be set to the location.
  5. Date / Time: 07/03/2021 16:00 Release: Imports delayed indefinitely General Fixes / Changes: Server slots raised to 200 @Ciaran Change internal restrictions with fingerprints @Archie Final notes: Testing: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/128250-gta-rp-game-testers/ Suggestions: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/506-suggestions/ Bugs: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/93-report-a-bug/
  6. 00:00 Patch Added New building compound added near Galati in preparation for future update @CC Gordon Modified Borderwars @Ciaran Poseidon and Police have their MRAP limit upped to 5 for both sides during Borderwars. For balance purposes, the capture speed of the lesser numbered faction is increased relative to the larger faction. This is done by multiplying the capture rate by (Greater player count / Smaller player count), so if Poseidon has half the members, they will capture a point at twice the rate. This applies to the points gained after capturing the point too. Rebels are not included in these calculations and will always receive the base rate like the larger faction. The above changes have been thought up by Police and Poseidon command together, and we intend to revisit this again to drive borderwars towards a more balanced experience. Airdrop virtual items changed @Jaffa Chance of getting blasting charges reduced Items such as spike strips, gold bars and codebreakers have been added Lottery bug fixed @Jaffa Various map object fixes @CC Gordon Removed Christmas clothing removed from Hugo Ross & Poseidon @CC Gordon
  7. They wouldn't have been able to get in, but the message was still sent when they tried. This has been fixed now.
  8. This has already been fixed now, the whole zone is considered a red zone with 5 minute NLR and instant respawn available. Since the Dirty Bank is just considered a petrol station, it was not excluded, similar to how the other petrol stations across the map where still robbable. This has been fixed too now.
  9. I think we should allow the police to prioritize how they feel, whether it be a reward for certain non-AR/command officers to be allowed in because they've done something useful during the week, etc. I don't think there's a point in a server rule / development angle on who gets to go, just the headcount.
  10. Limiting the headcount is the way forward I think - e.g 20/20 per side (just so Poseidon and Police still have space for other activities). Cleanup clearly also needs to be stricter across the whole zone (as well as body bags and cash - the Rodopoli Military cap was littered with body bags 50% of the time).
  11. It's materially the same thing, one less point to one side means the other needs one less point to win. Poseidon could easily win with a few points for example, if the rebels denied every zone from all police. It would be pretty easy to add extra rewards, what percentages do you think would be reasonable if they where to get a reward by reducing gear prices? Yes, most zones are the same as the one in the suggestion. This is how it functions - it works exactly like the current zones for rebels - they earn points (used for leaderboards for zones), the cash from capping the zone, as well as the money from kills. The only thing they don't get is to contribute towards Police / Poseidon's border wars points.
  12. I think it's important to highlight that this is a single restart event each week - whilst there may be a population of people who don't want to have a gunfight every now and then, I think the majority of our current Altis Life player base doesn't fall into this category. As always we have to split a balance and make sure we are catering to everyone, and this is one of the largest voted suggestions for the server. Open for ideas, feel free to reply here with them NLR works exactly like the current zones, and all relevant rules apply The payouts work like the current zones, so Poseidon will get money as usual. We are considering moving the FOBs to the zones, so potentially.
  13. @Nuclear currently this is the Poseidon knocked back border - The Poseidon Drug Stash being outside Poseidon land has been noted, but I think this might make an interesting dynamic. This of course isn't final and if you think it would be better in a different arrangement I am open to ideas.
  14. Border Wars As suggested by @Maxim and with the communities input, I am pleased to announce that on Friday 8th January at 20:00 the first Border Wars fight will happen. This is a fully automated event, and the outcomes will decide the map layout for the following week. What happens? After the 8PM restart, the server enters the Border Wars mode, and the regular capture zones are disabled. A new set of capture zones will be activated, based on the outcome of the last Border Wars event (the initial one will be a 'neutral' state, which will be the borders as they currently are now). The Police and Poseidon will fight to control these zones, and will gain points while they have the zones under control. Each set of capture zones have a high tier point (5 points), a medium tier point (3 points) and two lower tier points (2 points). The higher tier points will be harder to hold, either since they are exposed, or since they are large military compounds with a lot of areas to hide. At the next restart, the faction with the most points will be deemed the winner, and the map will be reconfigured, with the Poseidon border either creeping forward to encompass Athira in the event of a Poseidon win, or receding in the event of a Police win. What about rebels? Rebels can capture the zones and earn money and points as usual - zones captured by rebels will deny both Poseidon or Police these points. What else changes? If the border is to Poseidon's advantage, they gain 10% more from drug payouts, conversely, if it is in the Police's favour, Poseidon gains 10% less from payouts. In addition, sites on the map like the Athira PD will change to be 'trashed' by Poseidon in the event of a Poseidon favoured border. Border War during a Poseidon Advantage Border I hope you enjoy the changes - the changes made behind the scenes to accommodate this will allow us to implement a few other suggestions easily too (such as gang fights for control over bases).
  15. Prestige point added - I couldn't find that hatchback unfortunately though
  16. 16:00 Hotfix Added Hotkey for healing, this is bound to "Custom Key 7" if set, or to 3 (not numpad!) @Ciaran Fixed The airdrop spawn rates where not fully updated to the new version, this has now been resolved. @Ciaran 20:00 Hotfix Modified First Aid Kits now take no weight, and instead a limit of 10 kits per virtual inventory is enforced.
  17. 00:00 Update Added Most petrol stations now have cashpoints nearby, if there was not one near already. @Ciaran Modified ArmA healing system replaced with custom one @Ciaran Interruptible healing Medikits and First Aid Kits are now virtual Medikits can be used by civilians if stolen, but only for healing, and not for revives. Scroll wheel option to heal yourself will appear at 75% health, but you can heal at any time from using the First Aid Kit or Medikit in the Y inventory. You can heal players who are at 75% health by scroll wheeling as normal. First Aid Kits in your inventory will be converted upon login. Airdrops revamped @Ciaran Low tier loot has been removed from the airdrops, which increases the chance of higher tier loot spawning 7.62 suppressors of all colours have been added to the airdrops Airdrops now need to be bolt-cut, which takes 6 minutes, and you must remain within 10m while doing it. You can still move around / fight as normal while this is happening. Airdrops will stay around while being interacted with, rather than despawning. Only after one and a half hours will they forcefully be respawned. Interacting counts as boltcutting, or using the inventory. Boltcutters, blasting charges and defibs added to virtual inventory of drop - 10% chance for 1-3 blasting charges to spawn. This was originally going to be higher, but the team are working on something else for blasting charges currently Messenger bags added to rebel outpost @Ciaran Fixed Gathering skill causing no items to be given on inventory fill fixed @sciencefreak74
  18. 04:00 Update Modified Poseidon can now use civilian garages once again @Ciaran
  19. I wonder what effects legalization would have on the value of the weed 🤔
  20. @Dentibus you are 44888 I'm submitting mine, 165
  21. I can see that you where in the 8:30 and 9:45 zones, which other time do you think you were in?
  22. Somewhere around 2015 to early 2017 - rebel life was bustling, almost monthly free ArmA weekends lead to influxes of players on a monthly basis, and ArmA 3 was still relatively fresh and new after coming out of beta. We had @Maratek as CSI (at the time the highest role in the police) and everything was rather 'smooth sailing' for the most of it. Personally I'd say things started changing around 2017-2018, things got a bit drier and boring as ArmA aged, and I think the quality of the playerbase overall dropped - around this time the ArmA free weekends started to become more sparse and I think that caused a stagnation of players within the ArmA community as a whole, and people where getting bored and just turning into "frag kids" since the only fun they got from the game was killing people at that point. Not saying that this applies to any of you, just an observation 😉
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