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  1. stalker

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    2. Wilco


      Wait... who are you ? 😉

    3. The Shadow
    4. The Shadow

      The Shadow



      • Given 1 points which will never expire.
      • Restricted from posting - Indefinitely

      still got this from that fat fucker that banned me 😂😂


  2. what you stalking my account for you weirdo?

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    2. Gurlanin
    3. Wilco


      You had a harvester breakfast and nearly a black coffee until you asked for the milk! according to the harvester staff i employ of course

    4. The Shadow

      The Shadow

      don't forget the fucking crumpets! bastards! 😤

  3. Hey guys, well i did it! Not the best of performance from myself but i took part and raised money for cancer research UK :) Enjoy your laugh at me being beaten up and i'll see you all around!
  4. Hey guys, this is just to keep everyone up to speed with how im doing as i have been veey busy with work and training.. so 8 weeks have absolutely flew by and all my training has come down to this.. i had my weight in and face off on tuesday and i will be fighting tomorrow at 7.30pm+ I have had many small injuries while training but im in good shape and going to try my best to win, the fight will be uploaded to YouTube and i will post it here asap Any support with my justgiving would be amazing and will motivate me more for the fight! Thank you all for the nice comments and
  5. i was only joking about the weights.. never been to a gym to weight lift :) infact i never even entered a gym until i started boxing a few weeks ago :D
  6. Currently my pbs are, Bench 15kg Squat 20kg Deadlift 50kg I weigh 83kg ????
  7. If anyone lives close to Stafford and would like to attend the boxing event and after party, just message me and i'll sort you out a ticket (£20 standard)
  8. 26th August mate, tickets are £20 and its at couture in Stafford ?
  9. The Highest donator will get to pick my fight name, so for example Adam "Rockafella" Roadway or something like that... it can be completely anything! If anyone is to donate and does think of a fight name, please make it respectful and not offencive that's all i ask :) I might offer the chance of someone picking my walkout track too.... that should be fun :S
  10. Hey guys! Ok, so the past few months have been very hard for me and i have done some stupid things.. i got helped by a good few Members/Ex Members of this community through a very bad patch in my life, They helped me and got my confidence back which i will always be grateful for and i will always be in their debt. These guys will know who they are as i consider them close friends of mine, so before i start i just wanted to say thank you to those people for being there when i needed help! So Ultra White Collar Boxing... what is it? Well, i will leave a link to their
  11. Hello Sexy people!

    1. TacticalPanda
    2. The Shadow

      The Shadow

      @Mr CardosoI'll be in ts all night probably, if you fancy a chat just hit me up i'll be in the smoking room or the public rooms :)

      I'm still champ of the achievements i see :D


  12. 3 Months and 24 days to go :S

    1. Wilco


      Until we deny that appeal :D

    2. The Shadow

      The Shadow

      True, but then i get to annoy you Via whatsapp :)

      there is no escaping me, old man :D

  13. Adios Amigos.

    1. Jamz


      Chin up, mate.

  14. well.... it's a final goodbye for me my family.

    Thank you to all my friends in this community for making it what it was.

    Love ya x

    1. DainMK


      Although you've clearly been an idiot in the past, I still appreciate the work you put in here. We were never really that close, and if I'm honest I always felt a bit of a divide between us, but I'm glad I met you at the meetup, and am truly sorry to see you leave under these circumstances. As Wilco said, you were part of the furniture here.

      Really wish you the best in the future, and hope to see Shadow 2.0 make a return one day. All the best, D

    2. The Shadow

      The Shadow

      Thank you @DainMKit means a lot, and it was also a pleasure meeting you and everyone else in london.

      (Apart from @WilcoObviously :D)


  15. In-game Name PCSO Mr. Shadow Steam ID 76561198070330789 The date of your ban. 03/30/2016 Member of the team that banned you. Neo Reason given for your ban. Causing Drama The Server you initially was banned on. Server 1 In your own words, Please type why you think you was banned I was banned because i shared an opinion of a subject that i knew nothing about and it got seen as i was trying to cause drama. Why should we unban you. It was not my intentions to cause drama at all i always look out for the good of this community and from what i had
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