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  1. What a FUCKING episode that was. Absolutely loved it. so who do you guys think is the related officer? I have already formulated a theory to who it is or could be, but want to know if people think the same!
  2. John Fletcher

    BMW 135i

    1. I believe this is intentional. 2. I found this to be a problem also. 3. You have to clean the car first, change something on the car in benny's - like the paint and then store it. That should fix your issue with it being dirty.
  3. So there was something I noticed quite distinctively in Season 6 episode 1. At the end of the episode Davidson mentions not having any family, yet the next scene on is a photo of what appears to be Davidson and a motherly figure. Now hear me out. Is it just me who see's that the photo in season 6 is vaguely familiar to Anne-Marie? It's also valid to point out that on Davidson's personnel record, she has stated a next of kin being, Samantha Davidson - this could be the woman in the photo instead? who knows, would be a nice plot twist to see that
  4. Live! Mr Wing Pong! 


  5. Live! Sergeant John Fletcher until Restart then going on as Wing Pong 


  6. Hello all, The Triads are coming back to bring a party to you! Yes, I said you. All of you are invited! The BBQ will be on, making our famous foods from China. Oh I nearly forgot about something, what's a birthday party without Alcohol, there'll be alcohol. (For all those Alcoholic's. T&C's Apply) We'll be bringing the good DJs of the Triads who'll have their set pieces to play! Now, the main idea for a party is to have fun, so the only thing that I ask you to do is have fun and don't cause problems. It's a birthday party... Make sure you say Happy Birthday to both Nadine a
  7. Live! Sergeant John Fletcher. 


  8. Playing some Valheim. Going to try and defeat Bonemass. Come watch and say hi! 


  9. Playing Valheim with Vladic Ka, Dcay and Bearish. Aim is to conquer the swamp! 


  10. I'm currently live! If you're stuck in Q, come watch! I will be drinking from 6pm onwards and I'll be playing VRChat Later https://www.twitch.tv/john_fletcher_rp

  11. Do you want to hear the crisp voice of Charlie Oscar 9? then you should tune into my stream: 


  12. Playing VR on stream come join and say hello 🙂 


  13. scaring myself shitless on welcome to the game 2 


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