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  1. Great Draw tonight, well fought all!!!

  2. So wait, no more taking downed people hostage when medics are on? 

    more importantly, no more cops arresting people when they are downed after a gunfight and medics are on. I'll just say "I don't want to be revived" and that's that?

    Power gaming if ever i've seen it, just removes all risk from being downed, Can just re-gear and go again.

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    2. YoCo
    3. Snuffles


      I still smack handcuffs on people, even if they've been shot in a gunfight. 

    4. YoCo


      @SnufflesYes, But now If I tell the medic to not revive me, He's not allowed to. apparently there was an introduction of this internal rule within the NHS.

  3. Based on the original post, I would imagine he's saying the server sucks based on crashing. Maybe ignore the satire and look at the reasoning for his post.
  4. Also, “latest posts” and “status updates” have gone from mobile too.
  5. YoCo

    Happy 60th x

    1. SALV


      At least I still have 2 working knees, my teeth and full head of hair you baldy non... Nice guy 🦵👴💉

  6. There is only one mason!



    1. Mason


      True!! Real ones know this

  7. Hmm.... taking points from one faction =/= helping another faction. but I think my comment is more of one after we see how it first goes
  8. can the cap points be a flag where you "choose" who you are supporting.... so that rebels can influence the war without overtaking it.
  9. nah, this is all a trick. if theres 40 cops on the plebs will be doing a HM every time. easy, stretch them 40 police thin! Athira bank belongs to the plebs!!!!!
  10. @Winters2 This is a poseidon/cop event supplemented by rebels. so 16v16 isnt way too many. I think people should think more about the RP aspects of poseidon/cop negotiating and brokering truces with rebels in order to win them the fight. because to be fair, this fight could easily be swayed by one rebel group (even if there numbers don't equal 16)
  11. I think thats unfair on the rest of the cops who aren't a part of the AR friendship group. lets not try limit this event as to who can join. Poseidon are effectively a whitelisted rebel group. They spend their hours taxing rebels for protection and brokering truces with gangs etc. maybe they should try enlisting assistance of rebels to force back the police. Who should (in theory) be the strongest force on the island. because 40 cops (who shouldnt be able to enlist rebel help) against 25 poseidon (who can negotiate deals with criminals) seems like a very fair fight to me, if not more in favour of poseidon.
  12. @NuclearI'll help poseidon If I get free robberies at Athira bank after we push back the cops
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