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  1. @Lord Steve @JaffaCakesYeah, Completely agree with you both. As i've said earlier, If the implementation of the rule will make people in the community more comfortable then i'm all for it. What i'm against is a witch hunt against one person without all the facts. But with the actual suggestion, there will be the question of what is encapsulated within "overt sexual roleplay" E.G - is putting my hands up while someone is kneeling in front of me (to imply fellatio) considered overt sexual roleplay. (this is obviously done in a joking manner, however would be a perma ban under
  2. Right I wasn’t even going to discuss the event that you’re referring too, but let’s discuss the video shall we. it’s clear as day to anyone watching that Zin is obviously reacting/retaliating to comments made by Oliver and the others there. It’s absolutely fucking weird what Zin did, but any adult can tell he’s not doing it for any sexual gratification and that he’s not doing it to bring up repressed memories. He’s simply reacting to something’s that being said in RP. now don’t get me wrong, ofcourse it’s completely unacceptable and downright strange. But let’s not play t
  3. I’ve played the server for years. I have never seen someone walk up to someone and conduct sexual roleplay with them. Nor can I remember a single report of the thousands of reports over the years where overt sexual roleplay was the offence. I’m all for a rule that will make the community more comfortable, and sexual roleplay has no place within our community so I see no reason to why the rule shouldn’t be added. (Although would it mean I can’t tell people to suck my dick anymore?) but what I will say is; it’s talked about how staff deal with these issues, and
  4. YoCo

    Happy 60th x

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      At least I still have 2 working knees, my teeth and full head of hair you baldy non... Nice guy 🦵👴💉

  5. There is only one mason!



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      True!! Real ones know this

  6. Hmm.... taking points from one faction =/= helping another faction. but I think my comment is more of one after we see how it first goes
  7. can the cap points be a flag where you "choose" who you are supporting.... so that rebels can influence the war without overtaking it.
  8. nah, this is all a trick. if theres 40 cops on the plebs will be doing a HM every time. easy, stretch them 40 police thin! Athira bank belongs to the plebs!!!!!
  9. @Winters2 This is a poseidon/cop event supplemented by rebels. so 16v16 isnt way too many. I think people should think more about the RP aspects of poseidon/cop negotiating and brokering truces with rebels in order to win them the fight. because to be fair, this fight could easily be swayed by one rebel group (even if there numbers don't equal 16)
  10. I think thats unfair on the rest of the cops who aren't a part of the AR friendship group. lets not try limit this event as to who can join. Poseidon are effectively a whitelisted rebel group. They spend their hours taxing rebels for protection and brokering truces with gangs etc. maybe they should try enlisting assistance of rebels to force back the police. Who should (in theory) be the strongest force on the island. because 40 cops (who shouldnt be able to enlist rebel help) against 25 poseidon (who can negotiate deals with criminals) seems like a very fair fight to me, if n
  11. @NuclearI'll help poseidon If I get free robberies at Athira bank after we push back the cops
  12. (1.5) Combat logging at any point during RP is exploiting. (5.1.3) You must not knock out and rob other players in a green zone. (6.0.1) You must not abuse the boundaries of any marked zone on the map. Using the boundary to troll/taunt or temporarily gain protection is forbidden. it is my understanding that the transaction took place on Kavala high street and that you logged out afterwards. one could argue that you've robbed him in a GZ, used the zones to your advantage so he cannot get his money back, and then proceeded to log off without completing the transactio
  13. as scamming is part and parcel of this forum section apparently. Hopefully the police reading this can transfer the money straight from @Aaron Carson's bank account and back to @Gamble's as he has openly admitted to the scamming!!
  14. @SALVwas only joking.


    snake is a term of affection, such a strong animal!!


    @Dentibusdont be so mad on christmas 😞

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  15. People need to understand that RP or not. The redzones put RPUK at the top of activity due to server numbers. server numbers increase because we are at the forefront of popularity In todays climate, its quantity over quality. we need the numbers to increase server pop, otherwise we are a dying server. I think the latest updates are what will keep the server afloat, its been the neglect from the dev team (for no specific reason) in the past which has left the community wanting. but you have put big updates out every month (at the least) since the last communi
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