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  1. is altas life gone ? is this just a gta community now or is arma roleplay still around ?


  2. Oh how I have missed the good old days!! 

  3. https://www.twitch.tv/bearrvsgaming stream shall be going live shortly!!!


    Gonna be ALUK so come say hello!!!

  4. Galway is really a beautiful city!! And the night life better than dublin!!!!!! Anyone needs me im in a pub with a pint!!👌

  5. So im basically looking to add a few people get together and have some fun on battlegrounds, If youse would like to leave your steam or add mine --> http://steamcommunity.com/id/BearPlays/ , Would be much obliged and cant wait to see you on the battlegrounds ;)
  6. Whats your steam again ?

    1. Stavik


      Drax O'Stavik 


      Same profile pic as here. 

    2. MrBEAR


      Just added xD



  7. Another win and this time i recorded it!!

  8. Oppinions on solos on battlegrounds easy or not ? this is my 4th win or something like that?
  9. What we all think of Ed Sheerans new album ?  Personally its seems repetive he always does love and hearthbreak but I LOVE Galway girl great owl tune!!

    1. Ponty


      Just his style I guess, he's made his music for this album with more of a party vibe, in comparison to old songs like The A Team and such, this album definitely has more of a pop vibe.

    2. Button


      "Castle on the Hill" is eye-watering, makes me think about my life, lol...

    3. RestlessGamer


      naa man its all "about shape of u" that shit brings a tear to my eye :D

  10. Anyone wanna join for some Overwatch Placements ? Drop your Battletag bellow!!!

    1. Button


      I'm not that good for comp. Sorry.

  11. CSO Mr.Bear reporting for duty!!!!

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    2. Button


      @MrBEAR don't let those actions of others, choose your path xD

    3. Jhonny Franklin
    4. MrBEAR


      Like wise comrade! Good to see you are alive!! @Laurence Vendetta  Im sorry @Jhonny Franklin you will always be my son!

  12. Starting fresh again! Sorry to everyone for all my previous actions and I cant wait to see youse all out there in action!! Ill still be Mr.Bear!!!

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    2. Ponty


      Hello again! Be sure to check up on all the rules for the things that have changed!

    3. Stavik


      If You want to chat just look for me on TS and i Will be right there. Would be fun to catch up! 

    4. SPC Miller

      SPC Miller

      You're back? welcome back!

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