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  1. No idea what you're on about
  2. Heya! I recently received a Buzzard Helicopter from a friend but it doesn't seem to appear in the Airport Hangar. On the Car Finder App it clearly states that it should be there but once I talk to the NPC it says my garage is empty. I want to note that my friend had the same issue before, and when he would receive the Buzzard back from Lower Legion (after he wrote a Ticket about it) it disappeared from the Airport again after the next Restart. I tried this a couple of times but sadly the Hangar is always empty for me.
  3. You know I keep seeing you changing your Avatar, we know you're still around!

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    2. Thesoldier


      Way to destroy our hopes and dreams Bobmarley

    3. Professor bobmarley

      Professor bobmarley

      Please don't 1.6 me xD

    4. Steph


      I just checked my E-Mails and saw you posted on here & thought I clarify this really quick! :) 
      No I am not on here anymore but now for some clarification and I think the picture changes because it is linked with my Steam profile! :) All the best guys! If you need something feel free to text me on Steam! Cya ♥

  4. Scary to see what is happening lately .. every week we hear about something new that is happening somewhere in the world. Today scared me alot - Brussels is very close to my hometown Aachen and I even got some friends living there. It really made me realize that literally no one is save. It can happen to everyone. My thoughts are with ALL the people that  ever had to experience something horrible like this or  lost their lives, loved ones or friends due to people without a heart. 

    1. Lemmen
    2. Mickeey


      Well said @Steph couldn't agree more with you. It is true tragedy that people can be so oblivious of how their actions affect others, and this morning was just another case of many innocent people being affected for absolutely no reason at all.


    you germans have some swag

    1. Dutchyy
    2. Steph


      Sorry Andrej.. did you say DPS? ♥ 

      But yeah Falco frickin' Rocks but I believe he is from Austria! 

    3. Andrej


      well this was one way to learn never to ask stupid questions, this is gona follow me to the grave isnt it

  6. Come back

    1. Steph




      I shall hide between my chocolate wrapping papers! But maybe .. soon  I come back. ♥ 

    2. Professor bobmarley

      Professor bobmarley

      We all miss you Steph! 

  7. My Lady. *tip* 

    1. Edgar Ville
    2. Steph


      Oh thank you Lady Edgar! How very kind of you! 

  8. Steph

    BMTH Live

    Saw them live in 2011 at Rock am Ring in Germany .. remember that I got knocked out during the Moshpit and woke up in the Medic Tent haha They are really worth watching live!
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