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DR Harry White

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  1. This is going madly out of control lols ha This is going madly out of control lols ha
  2. Streaming in my usual place :) Police Patrol  - Progamingdivision 


  3. I am literally crying :) someone chuck me a tissue x
  4. Thanks to everyone who came and said hi on the stream tonight. Had some real good fun with the UNMC guys and with general rebels doing a 9 hermit box truck escort with only 3 officers. Was a bundle of laughs. Will be streaming tomoz from 8pm GMT for mor action.
  5. Same as me. I will be respectfull to all rebels. There are so good and bad guys in every clan/faction
  6. PUBG stream for a bit then on patrol lads :) Twitch.tv/progamingdivision

  7. Streaming USUAL PLACE xx twitch.tv/progamingdivision xx


  8. Drew sorry to here about your loss.  If i can do anything to help or someone to chat to i am around xx

    1. Drew


      Nice to hear, cheers man

  9. Streaming again.  Been on hols to centre parcs whooo

  10. Streaming some POLICE patrol lads. See you there xx


  11. I am a server 2 cop it going to lie and for the time I have been a cop the RP from some rebel gangs is as has been stated above I have snipers on the hills. Personally I feel server 2 runs a lot better hence why I play it. I wouldn't mind have a staff member tell me to move over. We would need to check what situations are going on at times as if 4 or 5 of us connect during someone doing a HM it would look suspicious. If the Roleplay from the rebels was improved and they weren't so trigger happy it would be amazing :) x
  12. Amazing x
  13. Happy Birthday my beautiful xx


  14. Joined the POLICE  PC PATROL XX