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  1. I can definitely count the amount of times I've actually seen someone talking or even holding a gun in my time here, although I am not involved in gang activity and the sort
  2. I'm just biased towards steelseries lel
  3. R.I.P I remember all the good memories from back in the day, even though lately I hadn't frequented it. Sad to see it go((
  4. I definitely agree with this, every time I have tried going the legal way I end up neck deep in drugs, dealers and guns in my face. I really wish they would be more profitable as it's unfair to people who just want to live normal lives outside of crime. This is still a great server but I just wish that aspect should be addressed somehow to make it more fair and welcoming to new people.
  5. Rasheed you have a lot of experience with the medics because you keep getting stabbed RASHEED!!
  6. They look really nice, unfortunate they won't be able to be used anymore((
  7. I keep it on High and it runs decently most of the time CPU: I7-11800H GPU: RTX 3050 RAM: 8GB DDR4
  8. Idk what that means but he's probably right))
  9. NHS RP is always super unique and engaging. Looking forward to what's next
  10. AT2020 is a pretty decent option Headphone wise I rock a Seelseries Arctis 7 2019 Edition.
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