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  1. Massive fps drop after last update

    have you tried Reinstalling the OS? it has happened to me but not massively just around 10-15fps since the last update and it only happened in Altis and I have no problem in Malden. and I guess a virus or something like that was causing that lack of performance because it got fixed after i reinstalled the OS.
  2. My new baby I built about a month back!

    I used to have one of those fans but I didn't use them as a processor I used them as a visit card holder(not sure what's that called) :D
  3. Could u up the ping limit to 300

    Let's do it then
  4. Could u up the ping limit to 300

    This problem is not only about middle east it's about all of the players from USA 'west coast' and some other players that have a bit higher ping than the ping limit. it's not good for the server population as well because there are more than +20 players having this problem and upping the ping limit a bit is not a big deal either for admins and players
  5. Could u up the ping limit to 300

    it's more about desync, not ping. having a higher ping doesn't make a big difference. we're talking about people having around 300ms ping not having +1000ping
  6. Could u up the ping limit to 300

    I agree because this is one of the major problems for people from middle east please fix it +1
  7. Steam Autumn sale STARTED

  8. Rap Battle

    damn son :D i'll get there next time and i'm gonna smash 'em up with my lyrics :P