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  1. I have no recoil (same as Simon). My Strength is not maxed out. I tried my current weapons & also newly acquired weapons from the armoury to see if only new weapons had the recoil, but they both didn't have recoil.
  2. My Frogger has gone missing. Reg: CZOQ 145 on Character Jeremy Smith, Character ID 313. I was initially told that it was in the airport garage, when I went to check it was not there. @Recon Nineattempted to help out, by moving it to lower legion garage but to no avail.
  3. If you go to the smeltery with lead ore all you can only smelt it into Aluminium Bars
  4. Shuttle

    4pm restart warning

    Please create a warning that alerts players that there is a restart happening: 1 Hour prior 30 Minutes prior 15 Minutes prior 5 Minutes prior
  5. When smelting, you get 0.001 experience no matter how much coal you smelted - if I smelt 1 coal coke I get 0.001 experience. If I smelt 25 coal coke I still get 0.001 experience instead of 0.025. Also there is no indicator for the experience gain - you can only see your smelting level by trying to smelt something that is beyond your current smelting level
  6. Character 1 Character ID - 8406 Character 2 Character ID - 313 Affected Car Reg Plates: All except XCBB 490 & XIPP 473
  7. Since the update, we are able to shoot from vehicles in 3rd person camera mode - can't see anything in the changelog so I assume it's a bug
  8. Since the latest update, all vehicles that my character "Jeremy Smith" owned have vanished from the garages. I have checked the impound lots but to no avail. This is a duplicate of: I have added my info to the other thread, this can be closed
  9. I used to live in a house a few doors down - But now I seem to own a house a little bit up the road. I wouldn't mind so much but the interior has been downgraded to one that a cheaper house has
  10. Vehicles near the hospital seem to get randomly deleted - https://imgur.com/AWy9wYD Possibly due to the missing bollards? My vehicle also seemed to have deleted before at legion square but it had teleported to the road underneath the hospital area.
  11. Can be used to find people hiding behind walls etc
  12. Shuttle

    XLS Armored

    It is armoured & has bullet resistant glass. However glass on windows seems to be clientside, so for you the window is fully intact, but someone shooting at you may see the window as already broken so can instantly shoot you out of the vehicle.
  13. Sometimes items will stay in your hand. They are client side - other people can't see them, but they are annoying. Example: https://gyazo.com/d4347e9e3c42078b77f544dd9fbfdf79 Console Before: https://gyazo.com/a058bdab9f7b216ea7b9b09390af7a14 Console After: https://gyazo.com/dfe28226f44d890b1518491317d998ca
  14. When taking your seatbelt off you can sometimes be thrown out of the vehicle: https://gyazo.com/0046fe67da33e6b0a39fdcbaa2c65095 https://gyazo.com/f4d2fd884fddcff5bb1d8c1c8d68a99c
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