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  1. Running a bit late for the breifing, does that matter?
  2. was a fun time in kavala today, i enjoyed myself and u all did aswell
  3. Was it changed to being set as 1 gold bar and then 1 extra for each cop online, as we’ve experienced some wierd things with shipwrecks aswell, any clarification from devs on wat it spawns at would be greatly appreciated
  4. Let medics roll around with a pistol and can revive whoever, whenever. Remove nlr timer, would be a very good economy drain, and would be pure carnage with more people decamping on people making it more fun imo.
  5. Recently woke up but on behalf of triton ill throw 5mil ur way
  6. I got one for sale, contact me if u want it
  7. @Simen u got a barn right?
  8. I know its confusing when things arent clear, you can use the excavator on shipwrecks that happen throughout the restart, there is 4 events that can occur 3 times in a restart with 2 being shipwrecks, 1 shipwreck can net you gold bars and the other can get you items you sell at the antique dealer, however thier value is very low, another event is a gallery that can get you modern art that sells for 250k each, you will need bolt cutters to breach the building.
  9. 1) turtles were removed, u can still buy an sdar and shoot people 2) wood is a useless run, the weight and sell price are correct, just avoid it 3) clams is still available, I believe it is pearls on the market not clams, u gotta dive for the clams tho
  10. With the amount of posts you guys make saying how broke he is do you really think that he can afford the resupply upgrade
  11. happy birthday butchy

  12. Just tell the US government that the moon is full of oil, they will soon find it
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