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  1. @Busterguy So salty !! hahahaha


  2. I think the "my little pony club" is some better for you
  3. No only for 2 days. The last few months we removed drugs from the island. Well, we sold it ^^
  4. trying to create drama, or we gonna have a little laugh here?
  5. I agree with you mate, but i have seen other scenarios were they absolutely didnt value there life's. At the end off the day mate, what i post here is just a bit banter, but people are getting too salty and gonna hate each other because off this shitty situation
  6. What are you on about? Pcso can fight back, AR dont value their live, these pcso's actually do. Keep it civil man, just laugh about it, dont be salty, its just a game
  7. Good song BUT video is much better if you know what i mean ^^
  8. Thats a quick drive to dodgy daves
  9. @JaxTeller is a beast! haha

    1. JaxTeller


      I am mate a focking TANK ghahahhaha

    2. Voxilate


      your a muppet haha!

  10. Hahaha nice video mate🤘
  11. Remember this one???


    1. PapaSmurphy


      Good times my friend.