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  1. Question & Answer Thread

    Thanks, I'll be using the Retrofit Library with Android to make HTTP requests using OkHttp, from then on I can parse the data. Is the API run privately or was a SaaS like AWS used to store the data?
  2. Question & Answer Thread

    Hey, where can we get access to the API?
  3. Unsure, worth asking official means and also BTTV themselves.
  4. Feel that a plethora of Twitch emotes should be added. https://nightdev.com/betterttv/faces.php , a bunch of BTTV emotes here also.
  5. Please can we have the monkaS emote for proper posts as well

  6. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    gr8 b8 m8 i rate that 8/8
  7. PC Randomly Shutting Down

    If both power supplies are not known brands at all, then i would be careful; power supplies that do not supply efficient current can cause the PC to cut out.
  8. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    Please lock this thread, it and its comments are utter garbage lol.
  9. PC Randomly Shutting Down

    When does it switch off? When it's idle or in a game? Post the details of what power supply and GPU you are using also by the way.
  10. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    Feeling like this thread will turn salty real quick.
  11. Lock this train wreck, please. The announcement has been made.
  12. Apex content needs to be labeled

    Not everyone can afford it, and labelling content would just be pretty useful for people and it wont spoil the in-game experience for them.
  13. Three years... 🤔

  14. So after a year of hard work, I've achieved a First Class in Computing! Go me :D

  15. Extra looking forward to (the day after doing my PA test) to doing my PA test again! Thank you impromptu changes to the police service! :^)