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  1. Please take some time to read through, vote and feedback to my recent suggestion .


  2. Yea that was my understanding of how it works I don't think your weapon should be straight in your hands though obviously there should be some punishment for healing in a situation when you should have
  3. Pretty simple bug that is recreated every time the health script is used while having a firearm out and on full auto. From my personal experience this happens with the medkit I've not tried with first aid kits but after I press 3 to heal even if the bar is cancelled before 100% guns such as the MK1 will be on single fire even if previously being on full auto, this does not seem to be the case with the MX SW though.
  4. 7 Years of RPUK here's to some more!

  5. Ah well BIN is open to offers then
  6. Doesn't bother me I'll just keep it otherwise it's handy to have
  7. Selling a Cargo HQ right next to zones. There is an optional helicopter garage upgrade which ensures quick exit from the zones should you ever be stranded or have satisfied your shooting needs. https://gyazo.com/c9524ee38003c9f76f420134af025762 Starting Bid - 10 million Minimum bid increase - 250k The perfect Christmas present, start bidding now!
  8. Unable to submit a suggestion for discord or TeamSpeak as there is no submit a suggestion button to start a topic, I’ve noticed this issue on the mobile website but I imagine it’s also an issue for the desktop website as well
  9. @DrewIf you get a spot let me know and I'll hop on
  10. Any legalization on the short barrel variant?
  11. Zerg Gang! But like seriously god damn
  12. Are you referring to the one I frequently smashes into trying to take that corner too fast or speeding down the airport road and hitting the brakes too late?
  13. What you trying to get my free coffee removed for? You’re not gonna like me if I don’t get my free coffee on my break -_-
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