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  1. I have the same problem, already checked if the boundaries I was trying to sell at was too high or low but from 0-1400 there is no price it will set at.
  2. https://medal.tv/clips/49295611/d1337bNMgQew
  3. 4M for MAR-10 + mags
  4. Yeah, as I said its only a rough idea, I'm sure there are a few minor things that would need to change for it to work out well but I don't think it would be impossible to do so.
  5. Well just a thought but maybe instead of removing the Poseidon drug dealer as a whole, change it so that the Poseidon drug dealer cannot be placed within Poseidon lands? Therefore it forces people the leave the lands if they want to sell the drugs which creates more risk and requires Poseidon to leave the comfort of their own lands to go and protect the dealer elsewhere. May even cause some rebels to stop doing drugs because of the risk and try out other risky legal runs which Poseidon will be on their ass about. Just a rough thought
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