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  1. @Slawek The hammer and sickle is a symbol of communism, which has nothing to do with the oppressive Stalinist regime. Also the crude Microsoft paint drawing should make it pretty obvious that it is not to be taken to serious. Besides, communism is a political ideology and has nothing to do with race, Marx and Lenin even advocated for equal rights (something his succeeder didn't seem to care much for). Your profile picture seems to picture the winged hussars, which were under the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, a period in time were the majority Polish Catholics heavily discriminated against minority religions. As said before I'm not offended, i just find it hypocritical.
  2. Never called anyone a joke Me neither, but it wouldn't be allowed if done with a person of color, and that's my point. there are plenty of people who get 1.2 without malicious intent though, because they made jokes related to black people. Tasteless, yes, but still "just" jokes.
  3. But you would not get banned for roleplaying as Vladimir the drunk. Nothing wrong with accents, its the stereotype.
  4. @Butch I don't report it because personally i don't take offence, just find it hypocritical @henry the ugandan That's bs and you know it. 100 you would be banned for role-playing as a muslim stereotype. Either stereotype roleplaying should be allowed or not allowed. Roleplaying as a stereotype and using racist slurs is not the same as trying to cheat the auto ban, i agree, it is worse because of the implication. If people try to cheat the auto ban, they are just being idiots (and should be banned), not necessarily racist.
  5. Following this post: I don't know if it's just me, but i find it rather amusing that 1.2 is enforced so harshly in cases of racism against certain groups (which is good), but when it comes to racist eastern European and Asian stereotypes and accents, nobody seems to care. Don't get me wrong, i 100% agree that 1.2 should be enforced harshly, and to give the admins some credit, they have been very good at enforcing it (mostly). Just sad to see people running around in game with the over the top racist accent and role-playing a stereotype. Either all racism should be allowed, which is a horrible idea (to put it mildly), or no racism should be allowed (which is a very good idea in my opinion. Just a thought. And just to clarify, i don't think that people should be allowed to roleplay anything racist, or use any racist slurs. I 100% agree with the bans made by the admins.
  6. Great idea mate, hmu if you need more people
  7. The boys and i could use some people to join us in Squad milsim, if anyone is up to play, feel free to hit me the the contact info in the dm's, or msg me when you see me on ts
  8. @Hapi Well VR had a use, had potential. Foldable phones are not filling a gap in the market, they are trying to compete with already perfected and superior tech.
  9. @Ant Arni the thing is, you will always have the awkward thicc phone with screenon both sides, how the hell you gonna hold that thing? You're gonna be hitting stuff on the back side when trying to hold it normally, and if you try to text with it folded out......that would be like holding an ipad and trying to use the keyboard. You would literally have to sit down every time you'd wanna type Didn't people say that about google glass as well?
  10. So we all remember this abomination of a cellphone, the 2000$ galaxy fold that broke when folded.... A lot of people are getting their hard on over this new and amazing tech, the future of smartphones. Well it's pretty clear that foldable phones are as useless as a fucking stylus or physical keyboard. Anyone who throws money at this shitty tech, needs to seruously re-evaluate the choices they have made leading them to this point. Foldable phones are nothing more than a cheap money grab attempt by the big companies, hence why apple hasn't jumped on it (and hopefully they won't in the future), cause they know all these so called "tech enthusiasts" are gonna swallow everything they say raw. But that's just my opinion, i'd love to hear yours.
  11. I would mostly agree, but the new Promet SG has to be AR only, it's way too good for soo many officers to have it. Poseidon is fine, i agree with that. And rebel is completely f'ed atm, loadouts way too expensive compared to how easily they are lost, and how "hard" it is to get money
  12. Another way to save cash as well, get 1070 or 1080, possibly TI versions. Most games don't have ray tracing, so the 20 series is a bit overkill for just playing Arma. But if you have a good monitor, and are planning to play a lot of new AAA games, then 2070 should be a good (and expensive) choice
  13. @Simon Ross Yeah no doubt it's balanced, Police have numbers, poseidon have firepower (well until they added that damn underbarrel shotgun for almost every officer) But like rebels are (almost) always at a disadvantage, due to gear cost and lower numbers, only the big gangs really have a fair fight against Police.
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