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  1. I would hope so, seeing the timespan it has been since this incident happened and plus when I joined that steam group it popped up on my screen that one of my mates invited me to a steam group so I didn't second guess it and just joined not knowing what I was a part of...I never had any ill intentions back then and certainly don't know seeing I have been playing on the servers recently and settling back in again. I have personally matured a lot since then and also do not associate with any of the people that were in that group back in the day so I am more than confident that this will never happen again. (and just want to clarify that I never added any negative or disrespectful comments towards anyone whilst talking to that group of people - I was only there to play and have fun and unfortunately got roped into the wrong thing)...
  2. Unban Appeal for BeenThereDoneThat In-game Name: Adam.BZ #4343 Server: Discord Steam ID: 76561198048834333 Ban ID: I don't have a ban id unfortunately... Reason given for your ban: Really not sure about this either after speaking to staff... In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: So to be completely honest I haven't got an actual scooby for why I was personally banned. I only found out that I was banned from RPUK's discord the other day when I wanted to join it after starting out on FiveM! After speaking to members of staff about why I would have been banned from the discord and not anything else regarding the community it said that I was 1.6ed which I never knew. Unfortunately about 3 years ago now when I used to play arma I think I was involved in a ban due to being friends with people who carried out actions that lead to a gang being 1.6ed. I do remember joining a gang on arma but then being AFK from this gang as I wasn't really active on the server at this time. Whilst I wasn't playing I believe this group of people carried out actions that got themselves 1.6ed and after being told that the gang or whatever I was in at the time was getting banned I went onto the ts and spoke to members of staff saying that I wasn't involved or wasn't even on the server at the time of when this all took place. And for this reason I was never actually community banned from what I remember.... so therefore I believe I was banned for being associated with people who carried out actions which were against the rules at the time. Why should we unban you ?: To start off, I didn't even know that I had this ban from Discord...so seeing that I haven't been banned on any other platform confused me. It's been 3 years since whatever happened and unfortunately back then I was associated with the wrong people when arma was poppin off, I joined a gang to do a few things in-game and then went away because I lost interest in the game and whilst I was gone these people carried out actions against the rules which I wasn't involved in. Lastly I came back only 3 days ago to get started on FiveM coming back fresh and I have really been enjoying the server so far... and after trying to connect to the discord I then only found that I was banned for something I wasn't actually aware of this whole time! Hopefully, I can be unbanned from the discord as I am not and have not been community banned from any other platform let it be social app or in-game on gta or arma because this will help me to keep updated with the server etc connect with people via discord! Thanks for reading this. (Just to clarify this is a long time ago so what I have said won't exactly be accurate but off the top of my head I have tried to give the best explanation of what I believed happened) After I got 1.6ed which I can't remember I think discord was the only app I wasn't unbanned from unfortunately) Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  3. God bless you, I can now buy a loadout without spending over 800k x

    1. Johnny Fast

      Johnny Fast

      whens sale start though

  4. Hello, sadly I have had to come to the forums for help but it is the best thing I thought of doing. Recently I have had the issue of being kicked from the server almost every time I connect. Now the obvious answer is my internet but this seems to be the only server on Arma that kicks me off. The message is usually ping related which makes sense and I am not saying that my internet is perfect otherwise this wouldn't happen to me constantly but I am looking to see if anyone has any ideas of what else could be the cause of this issue. I have constantly been trying to fix this issue by doing different things on my computer and with my internet but nothing seems to be working. Beneath are screenshots of the messages I get jic you wanna see: Any suggestions or potential problems which could be flagged up would be appreciated!
  5. I have been playing for 2 years now... we play at a casual milsim site, but of course same as you we rush people because we find it fun... We also go every other saturday in a group of 3-7
  6. Hahah Im peaking around a left hand corner... so from that angle none of my arm is exposed.... if thats what you mean Sorta a mix... we play at a casual site but push a lot but it is a mix... we are not always running full speed at people yikes
  7. I hope you enjoy... thought I would post on here to see if people like this...
  8. 5 more months.... cya soon

  9. I voted 1 only because it was the neatest design of all of them. Personally, I think that the neat and interesting designs look the best... Number 2 just seems that there's too much going on...
  10. LD = like I said every gang is shit including mine mate
  11. All gangs rn are shite tbh like literally, I'm hoping that there is a new one that pops by soon...
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