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  1. Back at it tazing people again...
  2. Everytime I click Shift+Z and "Add" I get this error message: Had this everytime I've done it in the last month.
  3. I haven't had a single issue cutting Christmas tree, although there was another member of Poseidon who had this problem? Is it @TBigSoul? Do you have the perk to gather one extra item?
  4. Tuna

    Re-add sway (but reduced)

    I was benched on the day the sway was removed - idk whether it was just to try it out or they seriously wanted to. Haven't seen anything since then. Most gunfights now are in the zones anyway and they're too small to properly set up a bench anyway so I don't think it makes much difference. More annoyed with this lowdetail mode than the sway.
  5. Tuna


    I love the fact that this was introduced for maybe the first time ever? I could be wrong? But it's the thought that counts and it was good fun to see when I flew to Kav today. For maybe the first 5 seconds and then the frame drops hit. RPUK Kavala has always always suffered from lower FPS and this snow is really not helping. I'd love for it to be placed elsewhere, perhaps the airport (because it's busy) or somewhere like Christmas trees (just for the theme) however it does take a hit. But, equally, a lot of people were in and about Kavala today for the present hunt and it wasn't too bad.
  6. Good times.


  7. 75 minutes to go 👀


    1. Boab


      Wasn't even available at 6, downloading now tho

    2. Busterguy


      I got it. But will probs end up refunding. Its an ok game to play and is fun but i cant see myself going back to this game for replayablity. 

      Reach on its own is defintly worth it though.

    3. Tuna


      @Busterguy for me HALO was my childhood far more than CoD or anything else ever was - when my brother took the Xbox (admittedly, it was his) and all the HALO games with it I missed having the ability to scratch that itch and for me having my 6 main childhood games for £30 is cracking and replay ability won’t be an issue (even if I’ve played the campaigns more than I’d like to admit) - but if you’re only going to get one then Reach is the best, hands down.

  8. Tuna

    Bring back red bulls

    Still don’t want this aim assist
  9. Tuna

    Bring back red bulls

    Nah, helps shitters. Everyone will want it removed after 4 months.
  10. And if it was, all anyone would do is complain that we were getting no features. When we were told “we’re focussing on optimisation” people would say “can’t you add some features while you do it” Good devs are hard to come by and good devs with no lives who code for RPUK all day every day even harder . Performance will hopefully be optimised over time but let’s not pretend that we don’t want new features to keep us all interested in playing when/if the server fully is optimised .
  11. @Butch there’s something in Bohemia’s donation rules that prevent significant in game benefits (ie locked behind a paywall without other ways to unlock it). Could be wrong but donation benefits are hard to make unique within their terms. Also agree that £10 for only 30 days is a bit steep - but I suppose it kinda encourages people to donate to unlock these perks again? I guess... Should unlock x amount of profile songs/signature changes etc, or a permanent benefit that lasts outside of 30 days.
  12. Say what you like about Poseidon, you all say you want it removed. So then we have rebel (a dead faction, so you all say), and police - also pretty dead if you've already been there done that (most people have). Where else do you go? To another server, presumably, because you're so bored of everything here. But a mass unban just happened and a lot of people have come back for one reason or another, so something about those other servers isn't as alluring? A 3rd faction is critical to server life, and a 3rd faction will almost always be criticised. Whether Poseidon needs changes or exc
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