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  1. Report a player Your In-game Name: Tuna Triton Name of the player(s) you are reporting: PC Boab Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 11/05/2021 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 19 What best describes this incident ?: A(1.5) Combat logging Please (in detail) describe the incident: During a gunfight yesterday next to Glass Trader Boab was killed by Kai and proceeded to immediately Alt-F4 off the server. I noticed that following a discussion in our patrol channel that he then joined the JFS channel. I did not
  2. Where did all this come from??


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    2. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      I was really good at writing complete nonsense a few years back!

    3. Tuna


      @NormanI already did the calculations comparing mine to his so I've come to realise I'd rather have mine

    4. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      i quite like the number 63 anyway...

  3. Can't believe I stick you in tower and still don't get recognition. Greeny gets himselves in situations because he can't drive and I always have to bail him out!
  4. Cannot wait for this



    1. Jesse


      Yeah I heard of it recently and got me stoked!

  5. Has to sell his barn to me to pay the rent on everything else now.. Major Carwow nostalgia in this video though
  6. No, that's actually not what I said at all - I've clearly said you broke rule A2.1 for combat logging; I used A7.1.1 to give another example of why logging out isn't okay as it affects the course of roleplay - I listed this to provide a comparison of something else so you couldn't try and slither out of it. Evidently, you have tried anyway. You had already aborted to lobby before all of this started as we heard you in Kavala and some of us headed to your house to rob it as we have been waiting weeks for a good opportunity, you aborted to lobby unknowingly and we waited - you weren't breaking a
  7. Report a player Your In-game Name: Tuna Triton Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Macklemore, Adam Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 04/29/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1935 What best describes this incident ?: A1.5; Combat Logging, A2.1; Roleplay everything Please (in detail) describe the incident: As Poseidon we decided to raid the houses known to belong to the 223 gang, who have robbed the Poseidon housing complex on numerous occasions, thus having a lot of our equipment which we would like ba
  8. Tuna

    6 minutes ago, Wilco said:

    I did not post a "jab" like that I posted this:


    Is this not literally a jab saying that polls will not save the server? A sarcastic comment, about how it is pointless? That's how it certainly comes across. Seems like a jab to me.

    8 minutes ago, Wilco said:

    You are acting with this poll upon a personal opinion, Was there a need for a poll ?

    Yep. As I said, you are perfectly entitled to have your own opinion, as I have mine. Was there a need for a poll? No, but it helps us as a community to see where the player mindset is (of those who use the forums). If you feel the options are coming out of my personal opinion, feel free to PM as I said and I can add some more options. That said, a poll is sort of opinion-based so I'm not really sure what your point is here.

    11 minutes ago, Wilco said:

    I could of told you the outcome before you posted it... split between people who have moved on and between people who cant let go while 225 players were on GTA RP with 100 in the queue not bothered about a poll.

    Only look at the last general election and what everyone thought would happen. It didn't. You don't know what someone thinks until they say it. You can guess, but you can't know. It might be split - cool! So what? It's just a harmless poll, with no consequences as you have said yourself. So let us vote, and don't shit on it. People who can't let go? Some people, maybe. I can let go, I've played FiveM this last week and I look to continue doing so, despite saying just a few weeks ago I would never do it. I can swallow my pride, I can change my opinion. I'm having fun, and I'm okay with the fact Altis will one day close. I don't think that day needs to be now - that doesn't mean I can't let go but it means I don't want to just yet.

    20 minutes ago, Wilco said:

    I haven't once said I am not management... but I am not the big leader you all seem to think I am! I have as much power as any other management member, If you are demoralised by my personal opinion then I would hate to live a day in the life of you matey! 

    When I said  "You can say all you like that YOU are not the management of this server, " I meant that you specifically are not THE management of the server, as in sole responsibility. Which is exactly what you said yourself. I am agreeing with you. I am literally repeating what you have said. My point is; the perception is you have a bigger say, and as I said, nothing you say will change that, and as I said, give up trying. I am not demoralised in life by you - your opinion does not mean that much to me - but anything negative can be demoralising. Devs get demoralised when people give them a bunch of shit - would you hate to live a life in the day of them? They keep the server going, maybe they should give up - or should they just not give a shit what people say? What an odd thing to say; confused as to what you mean there. I must be such an idiot for having spent 5 years of my life here, enjoying my time here and making friends along the way. How dare I be demoralised and a little sad this might be coming to an end for me. I am pathetic.

    27 minutes ago, Wilco said:

    Calm yourself down! Go play the server... you are preaching here to a group of already converted people, More numbers on the server will make it more appealing for players looking for a server to join.

    If we were having this discussion a few years ago I probably would need to calm down. I'm perfectly calm! I have played the server today, I played on Altis while I sat in the queue for FiveM, after failing to get in from position 90 at 8pm I was down to about 60 at 10:20. Cool! I did some cooking today, got a bunch of lectures and revision done, and came on at 8pm to relax, and chill. I did all of that, playing on Altis, sat in the queue, preaching to all these converted people. Did an air test, and helped with a lobos test. It's been a good day today actually!
    As I hope you would be able to see; there is not only FiveM players here - enough people have come out today to say they are not done, thus they are not converted. Altis developers are not converted - else they would not continue working as they are. YOU may be converted, and you're right that a lot of people are! But not everyone. And everyone is allowed to voice their own opinion, yes? People logged on today where they could to show that they would like to play the server amidst this debate. But there is only so much that people logging on can do - if there is still a lack of activities rebels (something which I know is being worked on, and is no reflection on the dev team as it has been an issue for 2-3 years now) people would be left standing AFK and breaking server rules! This is not a simple problem, with a simple fix. Telling people to log on to make others play is like printing more money because we're in debt. Maybe there is no fix - but that's what this thread is for. For people to say why they are/aren't done.

    35 minutes ago, Wilco said:

    I wouldn't expect big new features or development like GTA RP (Lets be realistic) and if numbers do drop then I am sure it will be on the management table for a vote of what to do.... that's what we act upon not polls!

    No one is expecting that. The Altis dev team does not compare to the GTA dev team in numbers; no one is expecting that - not anymore. Thank you for pointing that out though! As I said, in my first response:

    1 hour ago, Tuna said:

    I would like to say, I am not in any way trying to organise anything, to say that this is the end for Altis, and therefore that you will shut down the server based on the poll results. But you yourself have said the community meetings are done, and that is okay. But the community has things to say

    It is of course a management decision to change the server! No one is saying anything different, I can't believe that is what you have taken out of this. This was a thread for people to voice their opinions and ideas - not a thread to beg management not to close the server, or to demand anything. No one expects you to act on a poll, but wouldn't you rather have more information to act on than less? Unfortunately as I am writing this I find out you have locked this thread - allowing no one to have their opinion. You said you were done voicing your opinion, and apparently so is everyone else - purely because you are? This thread was nowhere near as toxic, or argumentative as so many other threads have been - but it has been locked for some reason that you haven't addressed; just because you've had your say. After saying you were done, you wouldn't post anymore, you continue to argue and lock threads because, presumably (I don't know, as I can't ask you) because you don't want to hear it? Fine. You shouldn't have commented at all - and then you wouldn't respond, or feel that it directly involved you. You said a few months ago that people would no longer be banned for stating their opinions, and that you welcomed them - I hope this is still true. RPUK is a community I have made great friends on, and I hope that continues - on Arma or FiveM; I don't care. It's this community I'm here for now - not the game it plays on.

    Have you calmed down? Played the server at all today? I have, much better for it too, spoken to the friends I've made here who play both games. 

    I'm glad to see you have taken precisely nothing from anything that has been written today, and that you are seemingly still up for running this as a dictatorship - despite saying this is a democracy. If the thread means nothing to you, and won't affect your actions - leave it open so we can actually all discuss it for the people that want to. Don't want to see it? Don't look at it. Don't want to get tagged/involved? Don't get involved in the first place.

    I bid you all a good night, and I look forward to hopefully playing on FiveM tomorrow, provided I beat the queue! Maybe I'll hop on Arma before/after/during. Who know's, maybe a bum on the seat will do the talking.

    Nothing personal to absolutely anybody here - but I would at least like to have my opinion in my own thread, which isn't hurting anyone - even if it's just for the sake of hearing my own voice

    1. ReiSSs


      no point arguing @Tuna @Wilcois always right 

    2. The Bearish Crusader

      The Bearish Crusader

      Like Reiss said, he is prob gonna lock this post for comments or hide it

    3. Wilco


      TLDR, Too much chitter chatter going on

      Simply play the server or lose it

      That requires no more topics no more status updates 

  9. @Wilco I would like to say, I am not in any way trying to organise anything, to say that this is the end for Altis, and therefore that you will shut down the server based on the poll results. But you yourself have said the community meetings are done, and that is okay. But the community has things to say and the forums are a 24/7 platform that allows people to have their say without being shouted over. You can say all you like that YOU are not the management of this server, but there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that perception. For years now you have been the public Ma
  10. @FiveM players, please take the time to vote on this poll in regards to the Altis Life server. You may never have played it before and it is irrelevant to you; that is a poll option, but we would like your opinion! This is a big deal for this community that has been around for 7 years.

    Please have your say; the more people that vote the better. Spread this around to your friends if you see it. A quick tick is all that is needed, and it really matters to us.


    1. khalifa


      grabbing my popcorn

  11. This is a continuation from @Hiveand his status update, found here: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/51294-hive/?status=44752&type=status I have created this topic to continue this discussion before the status update disappears and is no longer easy to find. Please post your new responses here but do look at the status update to see the discussion that has happened thus far. I have added a new option for FiveM players, who may not have played Arma before who may visit this poll and vote on it; any more poll options you believe should be added, PM me and I will add it if I feel
  12. The LA property market is baffling.. Like the prices in each individual area and what you actually get for a relatively shit plot just in a nice area? Mad
  13. Now, I now this is representative of society because its "Just Viral TV" It's also technically not a study but a social experiment, which is what I was referring to.
  14. What warrants a forum ban?

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    2. Tuna


      Can people not ask a genuine question around here anymore Hesus

    3. 3FingerGaming


      @George Harris that's every status you make then 😉

    4. Boab


      @Tunaa genuine answer is everything

  15. If you're into slightly more expensive properties you can check out https://www.hamptons.co.uk/ https://www.savills.co.uk/ https://www.jamesedition.com/real_estate https://www.knightfrank.co.uk/ These also list global properties but are listed from a UK point of view.
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