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  1. Why do you only play for frags???
  2. cheers for the ifrits lads 👍

  3. nearly benching as much as me #peakphysique
  4. only in hucknall @Elliot Ash
  5. must admit, thats rate interesting
  6. shit he got us
  7. really? thats rate interesting
  8. Good luck with biology fellas 👍🏻

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. The Chicken Idiot

      The Chicken Idiot

      the ez pz 6 marker on reflexs tho

    3. Handy


      with my G charles darwin

    4. Oliver V2

      Oliver V2

      Germentation today I had no clue

  9. please subscribe and I hope you like it

    1. Oliver V2

      Oliver V2

      Okay billy I will but pls help me with my mine craft server 

    2. Fallen


      Jars hate u all

  10. cant-lose-a-59139d.jpg

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    2. Ponty


      Someone already made that meme @L 1 A M

    3. Fallen
    4. Ponty


      How rebels believe POV works in ArmA 3 - 6e832b98647acd3d383a8cb60ce7cdb3.png 

  11. really? thats rate interesting
  12. @TinyBigJacko
  13. you've never had a zafir in a firefight then..... @SI Coozer