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  1. Hi, Thanks for that, apologies again for the very immature behavior displayed by a couple of people 00DIWYaDEMgjphY71CZa81rGp90=
  2. I dont see anything wrong with what happened, and as explained previously everything was conducted in accordance to the set community rules, I can't speak for others but I can confidently say that I did nothing wrong. If you would like to ask this to my friends I'd appricate if you could do so on their independant ban appeals as I don't want to speak wrongly on behalf of them or "put words in anybodys mouth." Thanks
  3. Hi, Thanks for pointing out that I do know the rules, and with my knowledge I know that there isn't a rule that states you have to report someone who's breaking the rules and if there was such a rule then surely this should be pointed out on the rules page(s). You're not allowed to encourage the breaking of rules, which is the closest thing I could find but I wasn't doing this either. Also on the rules page it states that offences are dealt with in a 1 day, 2 day, 3 day and finally permanent ban. Some offences carry a straight permenant ban such as a "C1.6" but no where on the "Common Sense" rule that I was banned for does it say permenant. So surely my ban should've been a 1 day as I haven't had any previous bans within the last 6 months? If not, could you be clearer for the reason for my ban as everything I can read leads me to the conclusion that my ban should've been a 1 day With that being said, friends were kicked out of the channel for "Impersonation" which again was a bit of a farce. They all had different combinations of the name "Not Wilco" after reading the post that the founder of the community had stepped down, and as we mostly all been associated with the community for years and this being the first that a couple others had heard of this, they decided to change their name to "Not Wilco" as a joke or to honour him I'm not really sure. Either way it was clearly not impersonation as they literally stated in their name they weren't him, and in terms of what did we say to other people who joined, I can't recall now as it took place 2 weeks ago but I know nothing bad or abhorront was said. If something was said it would've constituted an immidiate ban under whatever rule was broken for what was said. Thanks, Handy
  4. If you listen to the coversation closely, I wasn't "joking about cancer". I was talking about someone who I went to school with who resided on crutches as he had "knee cancer" (He didn't btw). This was it, pretty much the entire conversation. At no point were any jokes made, it was just a personal conversation between friends who would've understood the reference. As a whole we were just remembering incidents and people from our school, who have no connection to this community. I may have sounded jovial during the chat due to me being under the influence, but again nothing remotely "joking" was said from what I can remember. I will happily explain and recitfy any comments made about cancer on the recording, but I again fail to see how that in a personal conversation about such topics I can receive a ban for, essenstially, not using "Common Sense." The definition of common sense follows: Common sense is sound, practical judgment concerning everyday matters, or a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge in a manner that is shared by (i.e. common to) nearly all people. Under this precedent, no-one can speak freely about people they know suffering with illness (As that's all I did) without fear of a common sense ban, that's going a bit far don't you think? There was absolutely 0 malicious intent behind the conversation and any socially-adept person would agree with me after listening. If the admin at hand had asked that we stay away from these conversation topics, then I'm sure we would've complied given the chance. Let's be honest, if anyone was going especially out of their way to display abhorrent and offensive behavior for a "shock factor" (As I'm sure your typical "Cancer Joker" would) they wouldn't do it in a channel containing 3 IRL friends and a staff member. This was just a conversation blown way out of context by the ban-issuing staff member. In fact I had no idea the actual reason I was banned for until today, if anything this proves how insignificant the actual conversation was. Thanks, Handy
  5. Answer: yes Question: how does this have any effect on the ban reason?
  6. Unban Appeal for Handy In-game Name: uncle clive Server: Teamspeak Steam ID: Ban ID: (C4.1. Please read the rules https://www.roleplay.co.uk/community-rules/) Reason given for your ban: (C4.1. Please read the rules https://www.roleplay.co.uk/community-rules/) In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: not sure, didn't do anything wrong. was sat in a channel talking to people then banned? sat in a channel for 9+ hours with no issue then banned? I think i know the rules thanks Why should we unban you ?: ^ Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  7. Handy

    Fruit level

    Somehow whilst mining I managed to gain 0.0009999999999 Mining XP instead of 0.001
  8. The family have been released on tag and are back with bang, featuring a new member: Jack Ronald, our frontline striker - Paul Down, social media manager - and Jason Straponn, the friendly local ladyman with paranoid schizophrenia
  9. I object to the term "raping"
  10. What do you expect, you wasted an hour+ of my time, of course my character will be pissed off. Ever heard of anti-social behavior etc etc, its all roleplay at end of day
  11. Still didn't answer my question did ya tho..... no wonder I was screaming This is also very clearly a revenge report as the situation didnt go your way at all, nothing more from me
  12. But the vehicle wasn't used as a weapon? weapon /ˈwɛp(ə)n/ Learn to pronounce noun a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. As you can see by the definition the vehicle did neither, it moved another vehicle out of the way. And even if this specific act is against the rules, not resolving in teamspeak and giving us the opportunity to learn and going straight to report is a bit harsh don't you think, considering that the rule stated doesn't cover it. I know there is common sense applied to all rules but even then this doesn't breach it. In no way was the ifrit ever used as a weapon, and the ifrit and quilin's collision had no effect on your death. You were shot from window
  13. Had no effect on the situation as well so the only thing i can see this being is a revenge report because they died^^
  14. The Galahad Family is a group of like-minded individuals who all came together under a common love; Aldi's cheapest beer We will stop for nothing until we have achieved our goals (TBC) and god help anyone who dare steps in our way. Gang Roster Gunter Ratsniff (Currently serving 12 years for the alleged stabbing of 3 police officers) James Pete Andrew HammerSmith Arnold Fuckface Bill Bob Tamerson Rullitright Toby Tamerson-Rullitwheel You can recognize our gang by the suped-up panto's
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