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  1. But the vehicle wasn't used as a weapon? weapon /ˈwɛp(ə)n/ Learn to pronounce noun a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. As you can see by the definition the vehicle did neither, it moved another vehicle out of the way. And even if this specific act is against the rules, not resolving in teamspeak and giving
  2. Had no effect on the situation as well so the only thing i can see this being is a revenge report because they died^^
  3. The Galahad Family is a group of like-minded individuals who all came together under a common love; Aldi's cheapest beer We will stop for nothing until we have achieved our goals (TBC) and god help anyone who dare steps in our way. Gang Roster Gunter Ratsniff (Currently serving 12 years for the alleged stabbing of 3 police officers) James Pete Andrew HammerSmith Arnold Fuckface Bill Bob Tamerson Rullitright Toby Tamerson-Rullitwheel You can recognize our gang by the suped-up panto's
  4. Brief Summary: Add a car shop to the rebel FOB Detailed Suggestion: Anyone who plays redzones a lot will agree that this would be a welcome addition as it often happens to run out of vehicles to pull in a long fight for one of the capture points. Maybe as its an FOB only allow certain vehicle to be bought here (qilin offroad etc) just not ifrits. The Pros: -Saves times for those of us who just want to play redzones -Allows those of us who want to play redzones able to do it continuously without pause The Cons: -Potentially reduces the activity in the
  5. 5 ifrits every fight cos thats the only vehicle you can decamp .....
  6. Handy

    Change HM Operations

    @Applebyy when we used to hold the bank for 4 hours and do gold runs
  7. In-game Name handy Steam ID fLEGc3zPyrKM2nccVJ6oUdowOSQ= The date of your ban. 10/15/19 Member of the team that banned you. proxity Reason given for your ban. 1.6 The Server you initially were banned on. Teamspeak In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. no good reason Why should we unban you ? was sat sound and mic muted in a room for about half hour and then banned without warning. literally have no clue as to why i was banned Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the u
  8. In-game Name not logged in Steam ID odmyMTCQo00Am0Mv3GfRF65f0fI= The date of your ban. 10/12/19 Member of the team that banned you. daanv Reason given for your ban. 1.6 The Server you initially were banned on. Teamspeak In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. came on teamspeak because i'd heard of the mass unban. joined a channel with a few old friends who had done the same thing however they did not realise that their bans were not lifted. Daanv joined the channel and questioned the other guys and then banned them. Me and
  9. 6 mil for zafir right now
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